Best Waterfalls from Around the World

Make a Splash to Your Travel with These Stunning Waterfalls

Waterfalls combine the power of nature with breath taking beauty.

It is no wonder that so many of the world’s waterfalls are bucket list items. Whether the raw power of Niagara is on your list – or the rainbows of Angel Falls – you will never run out of travel destinations. Why not take a trip to the inside and watch the water from a unique perspective.

This page covers the five biggest and best waterfalls from around the world. You’ll find information on each of them, and tips to get the best from your visit below.

#1 – Niagara Falls: Canada

Niagara Falls is the border between New York State and Canada’s Ontario province. Most people think of Horseshoe Falls, though there are multiple individual waterfalls there. This is not the tallest of waterfalls. Water drops just 51 meters. In the winter, Niagara freezes.

You can visit from either side, with the Canadian side more built up. Hotels, casinos, and restaurants include a viewing tower and entertainment options. On the US side, a park with walkways and dining options makes for a more relaxed visit.

Highlights include boat trips to the foot of the Horseshoe falls. You will need to wear a protective poncho to stay dry for this unforgettable experience.

Angel Falls Top

#2 – Angel Falls: Venezuela

There are many waterfalls called ‘angel,’ though only one of them is the world’s tallest. That is Angel Falls in Venezuela, South America.

This fall has a 979-meter height. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and part of the Canaima National Park. You can experience Angel Falls in two different ways. The experience from the top or the very bottom give you a unique perspective on this natural wonder. One million people each year make the journey.

With recent political turmoil in the country, it is worth carefully planning before you set out. It will certainly be worth it to tick this beautiful waterfall off your bucket list.

Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

#3 – Victoria Falls: Zimbabwe

Some waterfalls are tall, others have unimaginable volumes of water cascading over them.

Victoria Falls is top-rated in an unusual way. This spectacular fall is the biggest by width. It is over mile across (1700 meters). You will find it in Zimbabwe, where it flows into the Zambezi River. Look out for stunning rainbows, which form from the spray mingling from the four key channels that comprise the Victoria Falls.

This area was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1989. My tip for visiting is to combine viewing the Victoria Falls with a safari holiday. It will make a fantastic change up from the wildlife of the plains.

Iguazu Falls Argentina


#4 – Iguazu Falls: Argentina

In the rainy season, the Iguazu Falls on Argentina’s border with Brazil goes from beautiful to mind-blowing. This is not the tallest or widest waterfall in the world. But in terms of volume, it is off the scale.

Unlike the other falls, this is a complex of channels. There are 275 separate cascades. You can walk on wooden walkways to experience the sheer power of Iguazu. A poncho is strongly recommended. Boat rides are a wonderful way to get to the most photogenic spots.

My tip for this waterfall is to keep your eye out for the wildlife. While the falls are your main attraction, don’t let them distract you from seeing amazing birds, monkeys and even anteaters.

Sutherland Falls New Zealand

#5 – Sutherland Falls: New Zealand

Part of the appeal of New Zealand’s Sutherland Falls is that they are hard to reach. While Niagara and other falls are set up for direct visits, you will need to trek to get to Sutherland Falls. This makes their beauty a little exclusive – you will feel like you earned the moment.

These falls are 580 meters tall. The view is something out of Lord of the Rings – with craggy mountains around. They can be difficult to reach in the winter.

At the top of Sutherland falls is a serene lake.


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