Samsonite Carry On Neopulse Spinner Review

Summary: You’ll get 2 wows with the Samsonite Carry On Neopulse Spinner. The first wow will be for the good looks, these cases really do look smart. And the ridged design only adds to this. Your second wow comes when you lift up the case for the first time. You’ll realize just how light it is! Even the larger versions feel almost too light to be true. If you have ever seen the demo videos, or tried to sit on your own – you’ll know that they are also strong. These are not the cheapest carry on cases you’ll find, though for good looks and sheer quality, I think they are worth every penny. You can check the colour options and see the comments from previous buyers over on the dedicated product page here.

Detailed Review of the Samsonite Neopulse Spinner Carry On Luggage

With this model you’ll get a 55cm x 40cm x 20cm case, this fits into the advice for hand luggage of all the airlines. This even includes the low-cost carriers like Ryanair and EasyJet. The whole thing weighs just 2.2kg.

The first thing you’ll notice is the ridged design and wide choice of colours – many of which have a metallic look to them. You can choose from matte black, matte white or metallic blue, red, sand, silver or black. All of these look stunning, and the different options make a change from the standard black cases.

Outside, you get 4 wheels, which can move in all directions. These are strong, and with Samsonite’s lifetime warranty, you can be sure they will last too. If you have never used a spinner before, then try one out! Once you get to push your case instead of pulling it, you will not feel like going back to the old style 2 wheeled versions.

A telescopic handle is nested into the contours at the top. In addition you get a 3 digit combination lock built in. This comes with a ‘TSA Key’ hole, so that airport security can get into your case without having to break it.

Inside View Neopulse Spinners

Inside Compartments

When you open your carry on spinner, you will see that both sides are separately zipped closed. This is a lightweight material, which comes in very useful for keeping everything in place. On one side, there are straps to hold things down (called cross-ribbons). The bottom of this side is lined, which helps you arrange things, as well as housing the telescopic handle.

You’ll get free UK delivery with this case.

Feedback for Neopulse Carry On Spinner

Comments – What Previous Buyers Said About the Neopulse Spinners

At the time of writing there are more than 110 individual reviews at – and overall this carry on case has an impressive 4.5 stars out of the maximum 5.

I like to look for themes which run though a lot of different comments. There are two in this case. The first is that most owners were blown away by the quality, sturdiness and the good looks of these cases. Some of them were positively salivating (at least that is how it sounded!).

The second theme was less positive. Several people mentioned that their case scratched easily – taking away from the great looks. I have one of these in a larger size, and do have issues with the stickers from airlines… it can take a while to get rid of the left behind sticky stuff after a flight. If this is a concern, you can consider one of the matte colours – which are far less likely to show scratches.

Overall, buyers have been delighted with the quality of these Samsonite carry on spinners. If these are on your shortlist, I recommend you have a read through these comments to get a better idea of the owners pros and cons.

Samsonite Neopulse: The Right Pick for You?

There is no doubt for me that these carry on spinners look great, and have the quality build and attention to detail that you will have come to expect from Samsonite. Despite some concerns about showing scratches, this is still one of the best hand luggage options outside of the high-end fashion brands.

On the product page, you’ll be able to scroll through the colour options, seeing large pictures of each one.

While cheaper brands might fall apart fast, these Samsonite cases will last you years. Check out the dedicated product page over at now!

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