Samsonite Sonora Wheeled Duffle Review

Summary: Compared to other wheeled duffle bags, the Samsonite Sonora has a smart, suitcase-like style. This is the ‘missing link’ between soft shell cases and regular duffle bags. There are two sizes in the Sonora range. For this page, the large version is covered, with a mention for the smaller (though versatile) 55cm version along the way.

You get multiple handles, compression straps, corner protection and a telescopic handle – along with that distinctive Samsonite quality and style.

Check out the colour options and impressive zoomable picture gallery for yourself now – over on this dedicated Sonora page at the official Samsonite store.

Samsonite Sonora - Travel Duffle with Wheels XL, 82 cm, 112 Litre, Black (Luggage)

Samsonite Sonora – Travel Duffle with Wheels XL, 82 cm, 112 Litre, Black (Luggage)

These are the perfect half-way house between a soft-shell wheeled suitcase and a duffle bag. You get all the plus points on wheels, handle, and corner support – plus …more

Detailed Review of the Samsonite Sonora Wheeled Duffle Bags

Taller and thinner than regular soft-shell cases, the Sonora duffle bags have a big carrying capacity. The larger one is 81cms tall by 44 wide and 31cm deep. It packs in an impressive 112 litres at maximum capacity.

Even with the wheels, telescopic handle and extra straps, Samsonite have kept the weight down to an impressive 3.2kgs.

Samsonite user ‘Recyclex’ for the Sonora cases – along with a super-tough polyester that you can wipe clean. Recyclex uses plastic derived from recycled bottles. You get a distinctive reflective logo.

Inside View of the Samsonite Sonora

Kick Plate and Wheel Housing

Wheels on the Sonora duffle bags are fixed instead of spinner setups. They are enclosed in a tough surround with only half of each wheel showing. This means your wheels are far less likely to break. While you get a guarantee with all Samsonite cases, that extra peace of mind is worth it mid-trip.

There is only one set of wheels. These cases stand up thanks to studs on the opposite side. The handle is telescopic and hides neatly away at the back when not in use.

Completing the outside are handles on the top, and sides. They make it simple to move your bag around when you are not rolling it.

Samsonite Sonora Duffle: Compartments and Inside Features

This duffle uses a double-frame setup and gives you multiple packing options.

Opening the main zip shows a deeper back main compartment. This has red elasticated straps for keeping your clothes in place. Add packing cubes, and this would turn out to be a super-versatile space.

On the opposite side is a zip going around three sides. This secondary compartment is enclosed – big enough for all those things you don’t want to misplace. Extra zips on the front give you access to a spot for those documents or other items you need on the go.

Smaller 55cm version of the Sonora Duffle

Smaller 55cm Sonora Duffle Cases

Carry on sized Sonora duffle bags have a distinctive look of their own. They are made from the same recycled material and have the reflective logo. These 55cm bags work brilliantly as a rolling laptop case. The combine the casual elegance of the bigger case with an edgy style. If I were not such a huge fan of my super-light Cosmolite carry on, this one would tempt me to make the change.

See the smaller Sonora wheeled duffle featured on this dedicated product page.

Feedback: What Did Owners of the Sonora Wheeled Duffle Cases Say?

A lot of the feedback for these cases was in German. You’ll be please to know that this was mostly five-stars – solid among a demographic with exacting standards for quality builds. Comparisons with regular cases were frequent at different retailers. Samsonite definitely hit the balance between a duffle and a soft-shell case with the Sonora range.

Quality was also noted, this is par for the course with Samsonite cases. Sure, they are more expensive than other brands, though you get quality that won’t let you down mid-trip.

As always, you must check the latest feedback before you buy any case. Nobody wants a nasty surprise halfway through a holiday.

Wrapping Up: Is the Sonora Wheeled Duffle Case Right for You?

Little doubt for me that the Sonora duffle cases are built to last. By going for that Samsonite quality, you save money over the long term.

These are the half-way house between a soft-shell wheeled suitcase and a duffle bag. You get all the plus points on wheels, handle, and corner support – plus the convenience of a duffle bag.

That glowing logo, distinctive styling and versatile dual frame inside setup makes this an excellent choice.

Check out the colour options and see the impressive picture gallery for yourself now, over on this dedicated Sonora page at the Samsonite store.


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