American Tourister Road Quest Wheeled Duffle Bags

Summary: Vividly contrasting cross straps catch your eye the moment you see the Road Quest Wheeled Duffle Cases from American Tourister. When you compare the spec to the price, you quickly see that these duffle bags are more than just a design overhaul. American Tourister are part of the same company that make Samsonite. That quality shines though. From the tough, soft material, to the rugged underside which lets the Road Quest duffle cases stand upright.

You get a choice of three sizes and four styles – all with double compartments and wheels.

Check out the options in the full picture gallery over on at the official American Tourister store at now!


Detailed Review of the American Tourister Road Quest Wheeled Duffle Cases

As always, I review a single case, and mention the alternative options. You can get the Road Quest bags in two different sizes. These sizes mimic the standards for soft-shell cases.

  • Small: 55cm x 34cm x 26cm, 2kgs
  • Medium: 67cm by 39cm by 30cm, 2.4kgs

Both sizes are lightweight. The smaller one is check-in size for better airlines – though you need to check with your local cheap airline’s allowances before you fly. My pick of the designs is the graphite and turquoise version. The straps and cross ribbons are bright blue. This is subtle, so the overall effect is not garish. As soft bags these American Tourister cases will squash down when you store them between trips.

Features of the Road Quest Cases

Let’s start with the difference between a duffle bag and a regular soft-shell suitcase. The key is the straps and handle. You can carry these duffle cases by your side, and easily move them when full.  Using a combination of main handle, side handle and smaller strap on the top.

What transforms these duffle bags into useful suitcases are the wheels. There are two solid wheels on one side, with a big plastic balance on the other side. You can stand your bag up easily. There is a telescoping handle, which lets you pull it along. While not spinner cases, this setup is nicely balanced, and those wheels are tough enough to last for years.

Smaller details are also positive. I like the tags on the zips. These make them easy to locate and pull.

Inside View Road Quest American Tourister

Inside the Road Quest Duffle Bags from American Tourister

As you can see from the picture, the inside matches the contrasting colour scheme. You get two points of access to the big inner compartment. The front opens. This creates a ridge around the top – so you can grab things without them falling out. Once you are at your location, unzip the bag in half like a regular suitcase to open it out.

Elasticated straps will keep clothes in place. Packing cubes would work well with these duffle cases – as there are no larger inside compartments.

Feedback: What Did Buyers of the American Tourister Wheeled Duffle Bags Say?

Mostly positive feedback for these cases at various retail outlets. The vast majority of buyers gave it either 4 or 5 stars. One or two complaints about the quality, which surprised me compared to feedback for other American Tourister products. At the price point, most people felt the quality was excellent.

The word ‘practical’ came up repeatedly. Duffle bags are a little divisive, with some people swearing by them and others avoiding them altogether. If you are a fan, then these wheeled duffels are a solid option – especially when you consider the decidedly lower-mid range price point.

I do recommend you check the feedback before you buy any case.

American Tourister Cases Logo

Wrapping Up: Is the American Tourister Road Quest Wheeled Duffle Bag Right for You?

What I like best about these cases is that they are useful beyond the usual holiday travel. Sure, duffle bags work like any other checked in luggage. They are robust enough to handle repeated flying and can be wiped clean when you get home.

They also have uses for weekends away, gym visits and any number of hobbies.

American Tourister is the lower-price brand owned by Samsonite. The quality shines through. You won’t get the high-end effects, but the attention to build quality is plenty good enough for the price.

Check out the latest designs for yourself, over at the American Tourister Official Store now!


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