London Fog Camberley Suitcases

Summary: London Fog are best known for their US retail brand – and their Plaid ‘Houndstooth’ spinner suitcase of the Camberley range certainly live up to the quality reputation. It is an entertaining thought that this quintessentially US brand make such a traditional British design. There are three sizes (or a set) to choose from. I like the pockets setup. The outside options are practical, with the inside well designed.

Better still, the price is lower than expected for a brand name soft shell case.

Check out the close-ups and design choices, along with the latest price, over on this dedicated London Fog suitcases page at now!

Detailed Review of the London Fog ‘Camberley’ Soft Shell Spinner Suitcases

Camberley cases remind me of a smart tweed jacket. The kind that has elbow patches, and a handkerchief in the front pocket.

It somehow works.

Add the gold trim to the houndstooth print, on a robust soft-shell cover, and you have a unique suitcase which has a style all of its own.

There are three sizes available, plus two bags. Matching sets of a small (carry on) with medium or large check-in cases will turn heads. Add a hold-all or an under seat rolling case for the complete setup.

three sizes and two bags

Outside Features

Telescoping handles with spinner wheels are the standard for suitcases these days.

For the Camberley cases, London Fog made the trim gold and black. Adding a little bling to the plaid design works brilliantly. Each case a pair of spinner wheels on each corner. The cases stand upright and will spin in any direction.

Camberley cases are front opening. There is an additional front pocket, which is large compared with other cases. No lock on the gold zips, though this can be solved with a simple combination lock with a wire that goes through the zip heads.

There are padded handles on the top and side. While not in the same league as the super-light Samsonite cases, these London Fog cases are by no means heavy.

Camberley Spinners from London Fog: The Inside

With dark lined trim, you get a single big compartment with these cases. Smaller things go in the back of the opening, which has its own zip. If you are more used to the split-storage of other brands, some packing cubes will quickly solve any issues.

London Fog Cases

Feedback: What Did Buyers of the London Fog Camberley Suitcase Say?

I was surprised how positive the feedback is over multiple outlets for these London Fog Spinners.

This is exactly the price range (mid-price) where people expect the earth, and then grumble when they get ‘only’ decent quality. Checking the feedback for the Camberley quickly shows that both the style and quality are spot on.

Add words including ‘sturdy,’ ‘robust’ and ‘value’ and you will quickly get the picture that London Fog is a quality brand.

If the tweed design is not to your taste, there are plenty of other cases in their range. Those include hard-shell spinners.

Wrapping Up: Is the Camberley Spinner Suitcase Range from London Fog any Good?

If you got this far down the page, there is a great chance that you already love the design.

The price point is mid-range – with serious value compared to brands like Samsonite or Tumi.

What tips the balance for me is the attention to detail. These are sturdy cases with some serious style. Everything from the zips to the wheels and the handle are well made – and look the part too.

London Fog is huge in the USA – and with cases like the Camberley – might cross back over the pond to become huge here too.


Check the impressive zoomable picture gallery and see the size options for yourself now – over on this dedicated Camberley cases page at the London Fog store.


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