Cheap Soft-Shell Luggage from Aerolite

These cheap Aerolite soft shell cases solve a common problem with the bargain end of the suitcase market.

We’d all like a big suitcase that will last for multiple trips at a cheap price point. The problem is that many ‘no name’ cheap brands are terrible quality. Many of them pump their listings with fake reviews, then disappear (only to be replaced with almost identical ones).

Aerolite solve this problem – they have been around for years, and their suitcases are great quality for the price.

As you’ll see from this review, you get a big, lightweight suitcase that will stand the rigours of travel. Sure, it is not Samsonite quality, then again, at around 20% of the price, you get a smart set of luggage.

Check out the size options, and see the close ups of the wheels, pockets, and design now – over on this page at the official Aerolite store at

Aerolite Medium 26in Lightweight 8 Wheel Eco Friendly Travel Checked Check in Hold Luggage Suitcase with TSA Lock Black Grey (Luggage)

Aerolite Medium 26in Lightweight 8 Wheel Eco Friendly Travel Checked Check in Hold Luggage Suitcase with TSA Lock Black Grey (Luggage)

Suprisingly light and hard-wearing, these cheap soft-shell suitcases from Aerolite won’t break the bank… more

Detailed Review of the Cheap Lightweight Soft-Shell Luggage from Aerolite

While your eyes will be drawn to the grey curved designs on the front of this soft-shell case, it is the practical features which are important. These are spinner cases, with wheels that rotate a full 360 degrees. You can push or pull your case along, ideal for crowded airports.

These are super lightweight cases and come in different sizes. I like the fact that Aerolite let you choose which combination to buy. For example, you can get a cabin + large, cabin + medium or even a medium + large.

Here are the specs:

  • Cabin: 55cm x 35cm x 20cm – weight 1.85kg – capacity 33 litres
  • Medium: 72cm x 42cm x 26cm – weight 2.35kg – capacity 68 litres
  • Large: 81cm x 48cm x 30cm – weight 2.95kg – capacity 105 litres

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Outside Features of These Cheap Light Soft-Shell Cases

These Aerolite cases have a two-tone design. I like the look, which is distinctive enough to stand out on the luggage carousel without bring brash or over the top. While the wheels look small, they are tough enough to survive loading / unloading. For anyone moving from two wheels to four, I recommend making the leap (spinners are so much easier to handle). There is a telescoping handle to pull / push your case along.

With a rip-resistant polyester build, these cases are noticeably lighter than regular ones. You’ll immediately see that this is a tough material, which can be wiped clean if needed.

There is a handle on the top, and another one on the side. Padlock the double zips together for extra security. You get a free combination padlock with your case – ideal for deterring casual theft.

Pockets and Inside Features of the Aerolite Lightweight Soft-Shell Cases

There is a large front pocked on these Aerolite soft cases, this gives fast access – especially useful for documents for the carry-on sized version.

These cases have a single big inside compartment. When you open them, the lid is lined and zipped. Smaller things can be kept on this inside pocket, keeping them separate from the main compartment.

I like the single, deeper compartment. This is lined with a cream nylon, and there are elasticated straps to keep everything in place. For this style of case, I recommend packing cubes for keeping everything neatly organised.

This is not a high-tech or complicated interior – for the cheap price, it is perfectly good enough.

Bargain Soft Shell Suitcases

Feedback: What Buyers of These Cheap Soft-Shell Cases from Aerolite Said?

Mixed feedback for these cases. I will say that many people seemed to expect something other than a bargain case for the money. What planet do people come from where they think that £70 is actually *expensive* for a case? Spoiler alert, expensive cases are closer to £400+… this one is a serious value option.

Back to reality and multiple people said their case lasted multiple trips. The lightweight build got a lot of compliments, and the ease of moving it using the spinner wheels got individual complements too.

I recommend a quick scan of the comments from owners… if only for entertainment purposes!

Wrapping Up: Is the Aerolite Lightweight Soft Shell Cheap and Nasty, or Cheap and Nice?

You get a soft-shell case with a lightweight construction at a bargain price with these cases from Aerolite – and I have no hesitation recommending them.

What you won’t get is the latest tech and quality from the likes of Tumi

These are spinner cases, with wipe-clean hard-wearing material and a solid build. The lining, straps and pockets are versatile enough for most trips, and your case will last reasonably well.

For a case that ticks the boxes at a cheap price, I’d pick Aerolite.

Check out this page at the official Aerolite store at for the latest price and sizing options.

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