Urban Track Wheeled Travel Bag Reviewed

Mark’s Summary: I was already a fan of American Tourister before reviewing their new Urban Track travel bag. This is a wheeled duffel, combining the best of a (large) shoulder bag and wheeled soft-shell suitcase. It brings back a pang of nostalgia to the days when a duffel – no wheels in the 80’s! – was my go-to.

Urban Track wheeled travel bags come in three sizes and four colours. American Tourister use recycled PET bottles to make them – giving genuine eco-friendly credentials. They have a single set of wheels, telescoping handle and will flatten out between uses for easy storage.

A bargain for the mid-range price point, you’ll see from the picture gallery that American Tourister never skip the quality materials.

Check the official Urban Track page at the American Tourister amazon store now for the latest price and all the size / colour options.

American Tourister Urban Track Travel Bag with 2 Wheels, 78.5 cm, 116 L, Asphalt Black (Luggage)

American Tourister Urban Track Travel Bag with 2 Wheels, 78.5 cm, 116 L, Asphalt Black (Luggage)

Hybrid of a soft-shell case and a smart wheeled duffel bag, you get a choice of.. more

Detailed Review of the American Tourister Urban Track Wheeled Travel Bags

This smart wheeled duffel comes in three sizes:

  • Small (Cabin): 55cm x 35cm x 20cm, 55 litre capacity
  • Medium: 68cm x 40cm x 38.5cm, 85 litre capacity
  • Large: 78.5cm x 44cm x 43cm, 116 litre capacity

Note that the storage is higher compared to the size than for regular suitcases. The outside straps and soft materials mean you can get more into these bags, especially compared to the ridged hard-shell cases.

Black is always the most popular options, though there are some striking colour combinations with the Urban Track eco range.

Here are your options:

  • Asphalt Black
  • Combat Navy
  • Dark Khaki
  • Verdigris (bright blue)

The styling includes contrasting elements on the straps if you choose one of the coloured options.

Inside view urban track from American TouristerUrban Track Travel Bags: Outside Features

Instead of spinner wheels, American Tourister use two solid wheels at the back of the Urban Track duffels. At the front are two solid plastic wedges, which means the bag will stand up when you let go. This type of luggage is designed to pull along behind you. The handle telescopes out – fitting snugly back into the top of the bag between uses.

There is a handle on the top, though not one on the side.

Outside straps are an important factor with this type of wheeled duffel. As you will see below, single large compartments inside mean these are great for keeping everything in place. There is also a zipped front pocket.

Finally for the outside features, you get a combination lock – which is in top of the bag. This does come with a TSA override.

American Tourister Urban Track – Inside

I got a surprise from these travel bags – there are two zipped compartments on the inside. One is mesh covered, the other solid. Zips cover three sides, meaning nothing is going to hit the floor when you open your bag at your destination. If you look closely, you’ll see the ‘recyclex’ logo on the lining. This highlights the use of recycled PET bottles in the construction of Urban Track bags.

There are no fancy elements inside these duffels, and as always for this type of bag – packing cubes are your friend.

Combo Lock Urban TrackFeedback: What Did Regular Users of Urban Track Travel Bags from American Tourister Say?

As usual for the American Tourister brand, the feedback is hugely positive (though not exclusively so).

I like to dig in and see what patterns emerge at different retailers around the world.

A few breakages were reported, though overall the quality of these duffels was a positive and was repeated often. As an aside I enjoyed the long rants about the broken clips – it is as if people think that writing half and essay makes their complaint seem more official (or maybe it is just therapy).

Some people complemented the lightweight build, while others thought their bag was flimsy.

Positive to see that many people bought the Urban Track after previously owning American Tourister cases.

Wrapping Up: Is the Urban Track the Right Wheeled Duffel / Travel Bag for You?

This is a hybrid bag, combining the best of soft-shell suitcases and wheeled duffels. American Tourister quality is obvious – though the colour options are more understated than you’ll find in their hard-shell ranges.

Solid wheels, a telescoping handle and TSA-override combination lock make this stand out from the many other Wheeled Duffels available.

The eco credentials are big plus. Not only does American Tourister use material from PET bottles to make these bags – they even tell you how many bottles go into each one.

As I said at the start, I’m a fan of this brand already. This quality duffel is great quality – at a mid-range price point.

Check out the impressive gallery and latest price now – over on this dedicated Urban Track bags page at the official American Tourister amazon.co.uk store!


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