Funtime Aluminium Makeup Box with Trays

Summary: This aluminium makeup box works perfectly for travel, a salon, or a smart way to store your makeup at home. It is designed like a flight case, with smart lines and clean angles. The mix of aluminium edges and solid black sections keeps your things secure. The magic happens when you open this box. There are 3 trays on each side, which expand out to reveal their contents. Underneath, there is a bigger section for larger items.

Feedback from many buyers shows how versatile this aluminium makeup box is – both for travel and at home. Check out the close-up (zoomable) picture gallery over on this dedicated product page now!

Detailed Review of the Funtime Aluminium Makeup Box

This cosmetics box expands out as you open it. Let’s start with the size when it is closed. It is 37cms wide, 22cms front to back and 27cms tall. The 6 trays can be seen stacked, when they are attached to the lid, they expand out when you open your box. This leaves a big 11.5cm deep section in the bottom of the box for larger items.

Aluminium edging keeps the box solid, light (compared to other metals) and easy to wipe clean. The trays are standard black plastic. Each has 3 sections. The middle section is wider, with 2 smaller ones on either side. When you multiply the 6 trays by 3 sections, there are 18 different spots to keep your makeup and accessories!

Clips keep this makeup box securely closed. These are important if you are going to store it in your luggage – nobody wants to open their checked-in case at the end of a journey to find that all those expensive makeup items have escaped. This is a lockable makeup box. This gives it an additional plus – you can keep your expensive makeup out of the hands of friends and light-fingered family members.

Expanding Trays Makeup Box

Straps and Carry Handles

I liked the top handle, which leaves plenty of room to hang this box between uses or easily move it around. You won’t want to open this box when hanging (the butterfly effect of the trays would make it unstable), though the ability to quickly get it into place is welcome. There is also a strap in one of the promo shots – this did not come with the box – though I’m not so sure this is needed.

One additional feature I liked is the ability to wipe this box clean. This applies to both the inside and the outside.

Feedback: What Owners of the Funtime Aluminium Makeup Boxes with Trays Said?

Positive feedback from a wide range of people for this expanding makeup box. Nail polish hoarders (self-confessed!) seem to love this box. The trays work for the polish bottles, with the deeper section for the remover. Pros loved the box too, though most of the positive feedback came from regular people. Uses included travel, though the majority of people used it at home. The ability to lock this cosmetics box did come in for some individual praise.

Wrapping Up: Is this the Best Value Aluminium Makeup Box?

This is a great value makeup box when you compare the build quality and features with other brands. Aluminium construction keeps it light. The ‘secret sauce’ comes with the trays. As you open your box, they expand out, revealing multiple compartments for easy storage. Under this is a deeper bottom section.

Add a lock, easy to clean build and smart handle – and you have a box that is versatile enough for home use, professionals, or travel.

Check out the latest feedback from owners, along with the close-up picture gallery, now – over on this dedicated product page.


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