Samsonite Cosmix Hanging Bathroom Bag

Summary: You get that famous Samsonite quality with the Cosmix bathroom bags. They make up for the small size with enough compartments to get everything in. Best of all, you can hang your bag on a towel rack or hook – giving you access to everything you need in one go. Cosmix bags are made from water resistant polyester. This hardy little bathroom bag will last for years – unlike those nasty cheap-o knock-off ‘no name’ items which tend to fall apart on their second ever use.

As you’d expect from a Samsonite accessory, feedback for this unit is excellent. You can see the close-ups and read the latest feedback for yourself – over on this dedicated product page.

SAMSONITE Cosmix - Hanging Toilet Kit Toiletry Bag, 26.5 cm, Black (Luggage)

SAMSONITE Cosmix – Hanging Toilet Kit Toiletry Bag, 26.5 cm, Black (Luggage)

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Detailed Review of the Samsonite Cosmix Bathroom Bag

This bathroom bag comes in two colours. The one I’m focusing on is a smart black – pictured above. There is also a grey one, which Samsonite called ‘Black Iris’ for reasons better known to themselves.

You get a compact bathroom bag. It is 26.5cms across, 11.5 deep and 18cms tall. It weighs just 100 grams – super-light when you consider the hardy polyester cover. That cover will remind you of the waterproof outside used for soft shell suitcases. It has a textured feel, will repel water, and is much harder to stain than fabric equivalents.

There is a single handle, made of the same material as the covering, on top. It opens with a double zip. The zips have loops on the end that would be plenty big enough to use with a padlock should you wish.

Hanging Up Your Samsonite Bag and the Inside Compartments

Hanging Bathroom Bag ViewAfter you unzip this bag, a hook appears. This is metal and has a small ball / bulge on the end. You use this to hang up your bat, which gives you access to the different compartments inside.

They start with a mesh pocket which is on the inside of the opening flap. The main (biggest) compartment is accessible as soon as you hang up your bag. This has a big enough ‘lip’ that things will not fall out. There is another zip at the back – you can’t see what is in this pocket, as it uses the same material as the lining.

Last but not least is a removeable unit. This has clear plastic sides and is separately zipped closed. When you put all these options together, you will see that Samsonite have put together a compact bathroom bag which lets you quickly access everything you need.

Feedback: What Did Owners of the Cosmix Bathroom Bags by Samsonite Say?

Feedback from all over Europe from this one… though not too much translation is needed – at least for words like ‘gut’ (together with 5 stars) from Germany. One specific piece of feedback that appeared is that this bag is definitely unisex. Those pockets / compartment also got some praise, along with the famous quality level of Samsonite products.

The only small negatives were about the size. 26cms is compact, so keep this in mind if you do choose this bathroom bag.

Feedback (even for higher quality Samsonite products) can change quickly. It is always worth taking the time to look beyond the glossy marketing words and find out from real people what they thought of any travel accessories / suitcases.

Wrapping Up: How Do the Cosmix Bathroom Bags from Samsonite Compare?

These bags have a specific audience… people who have bought cheaper ones and found the quality lacking, that now want a bathroom bag that will last for years.

With a durable polyester covering that is waterproof, these bathroom bags will last for years. They are small (just 26.5cms across by 18cm tall and 11.5cms deep). It is the innovative hanging hook and multiple compartments that make this unit so useable. They include a separate clear-sided unit, mesh pocket and closed pocket – as well as the main compartment.

Feedback (as you might expect for Samsonite) has been excellent for these bags. Many people felt they got great value for money and a super-durable bag.

Check out the zoomable close-ups (inside and out) and see the latest comments for yourself now over on this dedicated product page.


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