MiniMax Childrens Suitcase Review

Summary: The MiniMAX by Aerolite is a ‘proper’ suitcase which has been styled with kids in mind. It is approved as hand luggage for multiple airlines including EasyJet and Ryanair. Great for weekends away or sleepovers. The fun design will allow your children to take a variety of toys with them making travelling fun and exciting. Comes with a MAX’s passport, and a strap to take a bear or doll along for the ride. This is a popular children’s case, and has a lot of positive feedback from previous buyers.

*Bear Not Included!

The suitcase can be brought in blue or pink. You have the option to buy this case as a single or in pairs. Check out the different options and great external pictures of the MiniMAX, on this dedicated product page.

Detailed Review of the Minimax Suitcase by Aerolite

The MiniMAX suitcase is a fun suitcase that will make travelling more enjoyable for your kids. It allows them to have their favourite teddy bear, doll or action figure on the front of the case. The bag comes with a ‘Max’s Passport’. This is a fun feature and will help you to educate your child about air travel if they have never travelled by plane before. It is approved as hand luggage for many airlines including Ryanair and EasyJet (the strictest). The bag is 45x35x20cm in total with the main body of the case being 43x35x20cm so the suitcase is a good size for a weekend away.

It is lightweight at 1.4kg allowing it to be easily moved by you or your kids. The adjustable straps are great as if your child is tired of pulling the case along you can easily put it on like a backpack. The bag has a capacity of 30 litres.  This is big enough for plenty of toys, and to make a meaningful contribution to sharing the family luggage!).

Blue Version of MiniMax childrens casesRetractable Handle (Plus Straps!)

This suitcase has two wheels and a retractable telescopic handle. This will let your child to pull the case along allowing them to feel independent whilst travelling. The backpack feature with adjustable straps can be stored within its own compartment when not in use. There are also two front pockets with could be used for travel documents, snacks or small toys. Again, adding to the enjoyability and convenience of travelling.

There is also a back pocket which can fold over the wheels and be attached to Velcro at the bottom of the bag. This is great to prevent the wheels getting too dirty if you are carrying the bag in muddy area. You will get a two-year warranty to give you that extra peace of mind when buying the product. This should take some stress out of travelling making the experience more enjoyable for all. The suitcase is also robust in design so should survive busy airport travel and will enable the bag to be used multiple times.

Blue, Pink and Black!

The MiniMAX can be brought in a smart classic black, blue and pink. The case is also available to be brought in sets of two. There used to be the option for a bear, though this was withdrawn. Presumably too many people thought that it came free and were left disappointed. The strap is still there, so you can add your own favourite bear or soft toy.  Check out the various colour options and great external pictures of the MiniMAX on this dedicated product page.

Feedback for the MiniMax Children's Cases

What previous buyers have said about the MiniMAX suitcase?

The general theme of many reviews is that this is a great bag and great fun for kids making travelling a more enjoyable experience for all. Many reviews talk about how much kids love the MiniMAX, it is a fun to use and will help make them feel more independent as the handle makes it easy to move around. Buyers also found the suitcase very spacious, with some reviewers using it for up to a week away. The size of the suitcase made it easy for users to have toys, books and other items in it to keep kids occupied whilst travelling.

Another common review was that the case is well made and robust adding to the practicality of this option. Many stated that they were going to be using the case a lot for sleepovers and weekends away, mentioning they would use the case a lot. There were also reviews mentioning the front pocket feature. These said that having a teddy in the front is a must as it makes the experience more enjoyable. Your child could use it as a pillow in longer journeys.

There are some negative reviews regarding quality saying that there was wear and tear after use. Although this is a completely fair negative it may be due to many factors including a faulty suitcase, mishandling etc.

Wrap up / How Does the MiniMax Compare?

You will quickly see what makes the MiniMax such a popular option for children.

This case bridges the gap between the themed / Disney / Trunki cases and proper adult luggage. It will allow kids to feel like grown-ups, and carry their favourite bear at the same time!

The bag is spacious and lightweight and will find under aeroplane seats or in cabins. You can buy them in pairs if you are looking for more than one to avoid squabbles. There is also the option to buy the bag with a bear on the front to add that extra bit of excitement for your child.

Check out the different options for this case on this dedicated product page.

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