Samsonite Iron Man Suitcase

Summary: This Iron Man Suitcase from Samsonite is part of the licensed Disney Range. These combine an official partnership with Disney, with the high-quality suitcases that Samsonite are famed for. To say that the Iron Man spinner cases are distinctive is an understatement. They have the Iron Man mask protruding from the shell – along with golden badges showing that you own the real thing (and not some lower quality knock-off).

Quality continues with the wheels, inside and even the TSA lock. You’ll get a great idea of how happy previous buyers of the Disney Iron Man cases were from the feedback comments – which have been hugely positive.

Check out the inside and outside close-ups and read those comments for yourself now over on this dedicated product page.

Detailed Review of the Samsonite Ultimate Disney Iron Man Hand Luggage Cases

These bright red cases are at the larger end of the hand-luggage range. They will work as carry-ons for the bigger flag carrier type airlines, though not for the lower cost carriers. The dimensions are 55x 25.5 x 39cms. The overall weight (unpacked) is just 2.7kgs. This gives a carrying capacity of 35.5 litres.

It is the design that you’ll be choosing this case for. I can’t see too many people ‘accidentally’ buying a case with a protruding Iron man mask moulded into the front of the hard shell!

This manages to look cool and super-distinctive at the same time. The entire case is a shiny red hard shell. You guessed it, that exact same red as Iron Man’s suit in the films.

There are handles on the side and the top. The telescoping handle has a gold and red design (complete with official tag in gold).

Features of This Official Disney Samsonite Case

Starting at the bottom you’ll see 4 wheels. These can swivel in any direction, making this a ‘Spinner’ case. As a nice touch they have red covers matching the main body of the case. If you have not had a spinner case before, you’ll find these just as easy to push along beside you as to pull behind you.

A double zip allows this case to open completely. The heads of these zips fit into a combination lock towards the top of the side portion. Locking into place once the numbers are randomised. There is a TSA over-ride to unlock it too.

The quality continues on the inside. One side can be zipped closed, with the other having an elasticated band to keep things in place. The red theme continues inside, though the lining is the standard grey material used in many different Samsonite cases.

Feedback: What Previous Buyers Said About the Official Iron Man Suitcases?

Very positive feedback for these cases. Before I get to that, some entertaining 1-star feedback to report. Someone was very unset (this was translated from the international reviews) that they did not get a key with their case… Now, the only key they could be referring to is the TSA over-ride which goes alongside the combination lock. No wonder they have been waiting a month with no key arriving!Inside Samsonite Iron Man Spinner

That aside, the quality of these cases got mentioned over and over again. It would be easy to go ‘all gimmick’ no substance for a line like this. Instead Samsonite have delivered their usual attention to detail… just put it into a much cooler looking package than before.

As I always note, you should check out the latest feedback to make sure no new quality or service issues have come up since this review was posted.

Wrapping Up: How Does the Samsonite Iron Man Suitcase Compare?

This case is every bit as good quality as other Samsonite hard-shell spinner cases. You’ll get 4 solid spinner wheels, a TSA lock, lined interior and plenty of small touches which show that you have an official case and not some cheap / nasty knock-off.

Of course, it’s the design which makes people choose this case – it looks cool, with the colour and contours of the case working perfectly.

Check out the gallery, which features both the inside and outside, plus the latest buyer feedback for yourself on this dedicated product page now!


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