Paw Patrol Children’s Travel Trolley Review

Summary: Kids really do feel like part of the team with their own travel trolley bag. When it comes to design, Marshall, Rubble and Chase (the Paw Patrol) can’t be beaten! This is not ‘real’ luggage, it’s a toy. When your child helps carry some of their own travel toys, you have a win-win. It has an expanding handle, and feet on the base as well as wheels. Recommended for 3+ years.

Check out the cool design and read comments from happy parents and grandparents who already bought one over on this dedicated product page.

Paw Patrol Children's Character Foldable Wheeled Trolley Luggage Suitcase Cabin Bag School (Unknown Binding)

Paw Patrol Children’s Character Foldable Wheeled Trolley Luggage Suitcase Cabin Bag School (Unknown Binding)

My son absolutely loves having his own luggage to pull along when we go on holiday. We have used it on 3 trips so far and so far so good. Small enough to take as hand luggage with the cheaper airline a too… more

Detailed Review of the Paw Patrol Children’s Luggage

You’ll receive a single unit case. It measures 45cms tall by 28cms wide and 12.5cms deep. It has an extendable handle, as well as a carrying strap on the top. This is a pull-along case, not a spinner. There are 2 wheels on one side, and 2 plastic ‘feet’ on the other. It has a single zip, with plenty of room inside for toys, books and other bits and pieces for the journey.

This bag is small enough to fit carry on requirements for all major airlines.

Choice of Two Paw Patrol Designs

You can choose from 2 designs via the same product page. On is labelled ‘Ready for Action’. This features Marshall, Rubble and Chase standing to attention in their uniforms. The background is blue, with the distinctive paws and the title of the case over a bone. This one has a smarter feel of the two.

The other design is ‘On a Ruff Ruff Rescue’. This is a lighter blue, and a much livelier design. The 3 dogs are all featured. This time they appear to be running, about to perform a rescue, and feeling very happy about it! The wording is much bigger, with ‘On a Ruff Ruff’ above the dogs, and ‘Rescue!’ in red and blue below them.

Check the designs for yourself and see which your child (or grand-child!) would prefer.

Good Enough for a Few Trips

These cases are not solid or built to stand the test of time. They will last a few trips, and bring a lot of joy along the way! For the price point, there is plenty of value – especially when you consider that they can be used for storage between trips too.

By the time these cases run out, many little ones will have grown big enough for some longer lasting branded children’s luggage. Unfortunately for the adults, Paw Patrol has yet to feature on a full-sized case!

Feedback for Paw Patrol Suitcases

What Previous Buyers Said About the Paw Patrol Children’s Luggage

Positive reviews from both Parents and Grandparents on these items. Many people noted how happy the recipients were with their cases. Some went as far as mentioning how much they felt part of the team when pulling their own case.

No complaints about the design of course, these days you really can’t go wrong with Puppy Patrol!

It was mentioned that this is not a heavy use case, though that did not seem to be an issue. The consensus is that the price point and quality were spot on.

Wrap Up: Happy Kids = Happy Travels with the Paw Patrol Cases?

There is no guarantee of a smooth trip with any case, though this one is sure to be a hit with Paw Patrol fans. It is good quality for the price, though not tough like ‘real’ cases. You’ll have somewhere to store toys while you travel. More importantly, your child will feel grown up, at least in terms of helping with the luggage!

Check out the two designs, and the comments from previous buyers – see which version your kid would prefer.

Paw Patrol Children’s Luggage

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