Zimba Zebra Ride On Children’s Case from Trunki

Summary: When it comes to children’s luggage, Trunki are the brand to have. Their Zimba Zebra ride-on case combines 18 litres capacity with a sturdy design. You can pull it along, strap it over your shoulder and even pop it under the plane seat in front of you. Children adore these cases, and for us it takes the hassle out of where to keep their toys. Trunki cases like Zimba Zebra are also handy for use between trips for storage as well as general play.

Update: This is only one of many fun designs in the Trunki Range –  which changes all the time – view them all (inside and out) via the Trunki store at amazon.

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Trunki Children’s Ride-On Suitcase And Kid's Hand Luggage | Perfect Toy Gift for Toddler Boys & Girls : Cassie Cat (Lilac) (Luggage)

Trunki Children’s Ride-On Suitcase And Kid’s Hand Luggage | Perfect Toy Gift for Toddler Boys & Girls : Cassie Cat (Lilac) (Luggage)

Plenty of new, vibrant characters to choose from – plus many of the originals are still around…more

Detailed Review of the Trunki Zimba Zebra Ride on Children’s Luggage

You’ll get an attractive moulded plastic case. This is 46 cm long, 31 cm tall and just over 20 cm wide. This is small enough to be within the hand luggage guidelines of all the main airlines. The total weight is 1.7 kilograms – sturdy for its size. It snaps shut with plastic clips on the outside, and has a key lock too.

There are two key features. First, the wheels!

Trunki cases are designed to be ridden (the guideline is for children over 36 months). Under supervision, kids can either scoot themselves along with their legs – or get pulled along by a parent using the attached strap. This same strap can hook back on to the other side of the case. This means that it can be carried along over your shoulder.

The other feature is the horns. All Trunki ride-on cases have these. In one way these are a design feature. They bring out the fun animal look of the case. At the same time these are hand grips, helping to keep your child stable while the case is pulled.

Trunki Childrens Cases

Many Different Trunki Characters

This review covers the Zimba Zebra case. This fun design has black and white zebra stripes on the sides, black horns and bright green handles and wheel trims. It is unisex and will appeal to those kids who are animal lovers. Notice that they hinge / key is placed to look like a nose.

You can explore a lot of different Trunki character cases in their amazon.co.uk store.

Some best-selling animal themed models include Harley the Ladybird, Frieda the cow and Bernard the Bee. There are plenty more, with dinosaur options and unicorns too.

Inside the case, one side has straps. These can be used to keep larger / bulky items in place while you open the case.

Feedback for Trunk Children's Luggage

What Buyers Say About Zimba the Zebra (and other Trunki Cases)

One thing that stood out for me in the comments from previous buyers is that many people bought more than one. This is a big plus sign, as any serious concerns about quality or robustness would stop people returning for more.

The feedback is that kids love them, and that the spare capacity is certainly valuable. They do qualify for hand luggage. Buyers do say that other case types would have more space. To balance this, the kids love them – so it seems worth sacrificing that extra capacity.

Overall, hugely positive feedback. Keep in mind that comments about luggage are very critical at times – and this looks even better.

Wrap Up: Would Your Toddler Love a Trunki?

I can see the appeal, and thousands of kids up and down the country are already loving their Trunki cases. The fact that they double up as a shoulder bag shows the makers have thought this through. After all, you’d be stuck if your tot refused to ride it otherwise.

If you are serious about extra packing space, then a backpack will be bigger. If you want to have some extra packing room while keeping the kids happy, then Zimba Zebra and the other Trunki characters make a smart choice.

Check out the Trunki amazon.co.uk store for yourself now!

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