Antler Atmosphere Soft Shell Suitcase Review

Summary: Compared to other Antler cases, the Atmosphere range are extra light. With the large version weighing in at just 2.7kgs, these cases have that element of surprise the first time you lift it up. There are some subtle styling details. Check out the wheels, which have an almost quirky angle. The telescoping handle is thinner than usual too. As with all Antler cases, you’ll have no worries about quality. These are robust cases, which last for years.

You can see the gallery (which includes close-ups) and read the latest feedback over on this dedicated product page.

Antler Atmosphere, Durable & Expandable Lightweight Soft Shell Suitcase - Colour: Black, Size: Large

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Detailed Review of the Antler Atmosphere Lightweight Soft-Shell Suitcase

If you know Antler cases, you’ll immediately see their styling touches in the design of the Atmosphere cases. From the front positioned opening to zipped pockets on the outside. You’ll see those smart corner protectors too.

This soft-shell case is ultra-light. At 2.70kgs when empty (the cabin version is even lighter), you’ll be genuinely surprised the first time you pick it up. The outside is durable polyester, with some smart contrasting colour touches (rec on black and black on red). These are not loud. Overall these cases are elegant and subtle. Small touches like those angled wheels will catch the eye of anyone with a sense of style – most people will not notice.

There are handles on the side and top – as well as the telescoping handle to pull it along. There are 4 wheels, which will swivel to go in every direction. This allows you to push this case by your side, as well as pull it along like the old-school wheeled luggage.

Atmosphere Cases from Antler: Colour and Sizing Options

You can get this case in black or red. Each comes with small details contrasting with the main colour. It comes in 3 sizes – cabin, large and medium. The checked in versions (large and medium) are expandable.

Features and Inside

Antler Atmosphere InsideThe top pocket is a great addition. This is within easy reach, great for storing those small things you need on your journey. There is a second, larger pocket on the front of the case. The main opening is front-loaded. Instead of opening half-way, this opens to reveal a single deep compartment. There is a combination lock with a TSA over ride – perfect for deterring casual / opportunistic theft.

Inside the narrow front compartment has a mesh and a solid pocket. There is a tiny pocket (about right for your keys) in a flap at the very top. The deeper compartment has an elasticated strap to keep your clothes in place.

Feedback: What Previous Buyers Said About the Antler Atmosphere Cases?

At the time of writing these cases are new. This means there is not too much feedback online as yet. One thing about Antler suitcases is that once people try them, they tend to keep coming back for more.

You’ll see this in the feedback for a lot of their models. Phrases like ‘durable as expected’, or, ‘Antler quality’ are common. The limited feedback for the Atmosphere cases is very positive. No broken cases or delayed deliveries to ruin the lives of prospective buyers as yet!

Make sure you check the latest feedback before you buy. This can and does change fast. My ‘bet’ (based on experience with Antler for years) is that these cases will be rated higher than just about every soft-shell option a year from now.

Wrapping Up: How Do the Antler Atmosphere Soft Shell Suitcases Compare?

If you have an eye for style, then the small details on these soft-shell cases will jump out at you. Overall, you’ll get a super-light and durable case which looks the part. As you’d expect from Antler, this is as tough as it is elegant.

There are small details like the mini pocket inside and double front pockets. The TSA proof combination lock is also a welcome touch if you ever go to the USA.

For a smart, stylish and light soft-shell suitcase – the Atmosphere from Antler is one for the short list!

Check out the gallery and latest feedback for yourself now over on this dedicated product page.

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