Samsonite Mixmesh Suitcases

Summary: The Mixmesh Spinners from Samsonite look like nothing you have seen before. From a distance, they could be any of the smart designs from Samsonite. When you get closer, the lines of mesh and small details show that this case is both high quality and unique. There are 3 colours available. Most people go for the black or grey – though the red (with pacific blue details) has the wow factor.

You will get the full Samsonite details with these cases. The best spinner wheels in the business, lock and inside compartment / bands come as standard.

Check out the close-ups (including the amazing texture of the shell) in the full picture gallery – it is on this page over at

Detailed Review of the Samsonite Mixmesh Spinner Suitcases

There are 4 sizes to choose from in the Mixmesh range, they are as follows:

  • Small Spinner: 55cms / 37 litres
  • Medium Spinner: 68cms / 68 litres
  • Large Spinner: 75cms / 93 litres
  • XL Spinner: 81cms / 122 litres

With the solid shell, these cases are heavier than the Cosmolite range (for example). They are still a reasonable weight, with the Large coming in at just 3.9kgs.

Colours are; Darker Grey (Graphite / Gunmetal), Lighter Grey (with Capri Blue), and a striking Red (with Pacific blue details).

All the cases have spinner wheels. These allow you to push your Mixmesh case as well as pull it along. The wheels on Samsonite cases are notoriously hard-wearing. My cases have survived dozens of flights over the years with the wheels fully operational.

Details: Handles and Locks

Handles can be found on the top of these cases and on the sides. They have a stripe in the contrasting colour noted above. This is just one of the small touches which make Samsonite case stand out from the ‘no name’ knock offs.

There is a lock, which holds the top of the zips. There is a combination lock as standard. This does have a TSA over ride – which comes in handy if you ever want to take your case via the USA.

The telescoping handle sits snuggly into the top of this case. It has 2 levels, which are enough to cope with owners of different heights.

Inside View MixmeshInside the Mixmesh Cases from Samsonite

Samsonite have used contrasting lining for this range. Just like the first time you see the outside, this has a certain wow-factor the first time you see it. With so many makers simply using grey polyester lining, it is great to see someone pay attention!

One side is zipped. It has a secondary pocket for smaller items. The other side is open with elasticated straps. There is an additional middle pocket on a flap, this is also zipped.

Feedback: What Owners of the Samsonite Mixmesh Cases Said

Other than a confused German who could not open his combination lock, feedback has been hugely popular for these cases. Most of this comes from Europe, though you can get the gist of it easily at amazon with the ‘translate to English’ option. I have to wonder about the one headed ‘Dimensions Suitable for Low Cost Crockery’ (translated from Spanish).

The feedback shows that people loved the build quality. The unique mesh shell got a lot of praise, with several people noting that their case was distinctive among the boring clones on the carousel at an airport.

Make sure you check out the latest feedback before you buy any luggage. This advice stands even for the best brands like Samsonite.

Wrapping Up: How Does the Mixmesh Spinner Case Range Compare?

If you saw the design of the shell for these cases, and got this far down the page, you will already know whether you love the look of this range. If you do, then the quality touches you get with all Samsonite spinner cases are all in place. This includes a TSA lock, lined interior with pockets and those all-important wheels that move in any direction.

You can choose from 3 colours, and 4 sizes. The small case is carry-on approved at all major airlines. With the check-in size ones going up to a huge 122 litre capacity.

For a case with a little wow-factor that is robust enough to last you for years, the Samsonite Mixmesh range certainly fits the bill.

Check out those designs and close-ups on the full picture gallery, over on this dedicated page at now!


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