Samsonite Flux Hand Luggage Review

Summary: With a distinctive ridged look and lightweight build, the ‘Flux’ range from Samsonite is popular. The Flux carry-on cases are 55cms (the max accepted by the major airlines) and have an impressive 44 litre capacity. With 8 wheels these spinner cases will glide over most surfaces. You can choose the classic black, or some more daring colour combinations. While this review focuses on the Flux carry-on cases, there are a range of sizes available going up to a huge 136 litres. As you’d expect from Samsonite, feedback has been hugely positive for these cases.

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Samsonite Flux - Spinner S Expandable Hand Luggage, 55 cm, 44 L, Black (Luggage)

Samsonite Flux – Spinner S Expandable Hand Luggage, 55 cm, 44 L, Black (Luggage)

Classic style and an impressive 44 litre capacity, Samsonite Flux spinners are… more

Detailed Review of the Samsonite Flux Spinner Hand Luggage

The first thing you’ll notice about the design are the ridges on the front and back. These curve over the sides of the case – giving it an unusual, though very smart, look. On the front is a silver band which shows the iconic Samsonite logo.

Dimensions for the Flux carry-on cases are 55cms tall by 40cms wide and 20cms deep. This does include the wheels and top of the telescoping handle. This is perfect for your hand luggage allowance on regular airlines – though not for the super low-cost ones like Ryanair. The carrying capacity is 36 litres.

What you won’t see from the main picture is that this case can expand. You can overpack it, with the material around the zips getting bigger. This is useful, though can push the case over the regular size for carry-on luggage if you overdo it.

Here are the colour options:

  • Black
  • Navy Blue
  • Red
  • Granita Red
  • White

Compartments and Zips

When you open your Flux spinner, you’ll find one closed compartment and one open one. The closed one has a zipped cover which can be undone across 3 sides of the case. The other compartment has an elastic X band setup, with a clip in the middle. There is an additional small zipped pocket on a strip which straddles the two halves.

There is no separate front / external pocket on this case. The lining of the main compartments is light grey. This makes it easier to find your things than with darker lined cases and is starting to become more common among the quality brands.

top view of the Samsonite flux

Extras on the Flux Hand Luggage Spinners

You get a combination lock. This is on the top of the case – a nice touch on the go, as side locks can involve moving your case off of its wheels. This does have a TSA over-ride.

The design for the handle is excellent. This is a standard telescoping handle, with a light-coloured top instead of the usual black plastic. It blends in with the logoed aluminium handle well. Finally, the wheels are the doubled version – for super-smooth action whether you push or pull your case.

Flux Samsonite Inside ViewFeedback: What Previous Buyers Said About the Flux Carry On Spinners from Samsonite

Aside from a couple of zip issues, the feedback for these cases has been very positive. Keep in mind that Samsonite does provide a lifetime warranty on their cases. The quality was praised widely. Only one piece of feedback questioned this. By the tone this person wanted diamond encrusted wheels for his money!

What came up several times was praise from people that travel a lot. That does tie-in with the amount of Samsonite you see being pulled by business travellers these days.

Remember to check the feedback for yourself, whichever hand-luggage you end up choosing.

Wrapping Up: Are the Samsonite Flux Spinners the Best Hand-Luggage Choice for You?

For a hard-shell case with quality construction and a lifetime warranty, the Flux Spinners do tick all the right boxes. Big ridged lines give these hand-luggage cases a distinctive look. Samsonite do have several more ranges with similar specs and different designs.

If you feel a little daring, then there are some bright colours available. Most people will stick to the classic black or white versions. There are two main compartments, plus a zipped hinge pocket inside. With 8 wheels this case will glide around the airport, and will fit the hand-luggage checkers of most major airlines too.

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