Marvel Legends Suitcase Review

Mark’s Summary: The Pop Art Marvel Legends suitcases from American Tourister are bold, fun and feature all the superheroes you know and love from the original comic books.

There are three sizes, all have spinner wheels and hard shells. The cover is wipe clean. You’ll find the Incredible Hulk, Captain America and many more on the outside. On the inside you get a bright colourful lining, completing the design perfectly.

American Tourister are a quality brand. Components and build quality of these Marvel Suitcases are way better than the no-name knockoffs that dominate these days.

Check out the full superhero lineup and latest pricing now – over on this Marvel suitcases page at the official American Tourister amazon store!

American Tourister Marvel Legends - Spinner S, Carry-on luggage, 55 cm, 36 L, Multicolour (Marvel Pop Art) (Luggage)

American Tourister Marvel Legends – Spinner S, Carry-on luggage, 55 cm, 36 L, Multicolour (Marvel Pop Art) (Luggage)

Quality build, spinner wheels and three sizes – with the legends of the Marvel comics universe loud and proud on the front... more

Detailed Review of the Marvel Pop Art Suitcase Range from American Tourister

Let’s start with the size options and outside features, before checking out the inside.

These are the standard three sizes:

  • Small / Carry On: 55cm x 40cm x 20cm – 36 Litre Capacity
  • Medium / Check-in: 65cm x 45.5cm x 27.5cm – 62.5 Litre Capacity
  • Large / Check-in: 75cm x 52.5cm x 31cm – 88 Litre Capacity

While I’m focused on reviewing the Pop Art Marvel suitcases here, there are other designs. They are all comic book themed and include options with the Marvel logo, Mickey and Minnie Mouse and others.

These are not the super-light cases. For example, the medium is 3.5kgs. That is right around average for a hard-shell spinner suitcase.

Outside Features

All three sizes come with four spinner wheels. These swivel, which lets you steer your suitcase while rolling it with minimal effort. You can even spin them around (this the name). The wheels look small, though they are tough enough to withstand being checked in.

To make the spinner setup work, each Marvel suitcase has a telescoping handle. This has two levels, and fits snugly back into the top of your case. There are handles on the top and side. Marvel suitcases have zips that go right around, opening into two equal sized sections.

Finally for the outside, there is a security lock. This is a three-dial combination lock that grips onto out zip heads. You get to set your own combination (instructions are included).

Inside the Pop Art Marvel Legends Case

Inside Features of the Pop Art Marvel Suitcases from American Tourister

Instead of the usual dark grey or black, the inside lining of these Marvel suitcases is bright blue.

The setup is standard for American Tourister luggage. This means one closed section, which have a zip going around three sides. On the opposite side is an open section. This has elasticated straps which clip together in the middle. Great for keeping larger items of clothing secured for when you open the case. I love packing cubes, which work perfectly with this type of inside setup.

Feedback: What Owners of Pop Art: Marvel Suitcases Have to Say?

I love the fact that proud grandparents and parents specify that these cases were for their children in the comments of this style of luggage.

While American Tourister is a respected brand, I was surprised by how positive the feedback was for this range. The overwhelming majority of buyers were delighted with their cases. Some went into detail on the features – while others simply said ‘well made’ (or words to that effect) and left it there.

Of the negatives, one zip issue and some delivery hassles featured. American Tourister has excellent customer service (same parent company as Samsonite) and so I’m assuming these were resolved.

This feedback does tie in with the other products in the American Tourister range (see my reviews for Sea Seeker and Speedstar ranges for more).

Spinner Wheels MarvelWrapping Up: Is the Marvel Pop Art Suitcase Range from American Tourister Right for You?

If the pop-art superhero design of this Marvel luggage speaks to you, then there is no reason not to go right ahead and buy.

The build quality and features list is solid (not premium, but ticks all the standard boxes). The brand has a great reputation, and there are size options for kids and us adult kids.

One extra advantage – you’ll be able to spot your case coming on the airport carousel a mile off.


Check out the close-ups and get the latest pricing now – over on this dedicated Marvel page at the official American Tourister store.


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