Star Wars Children’s Suitcase Review

Summary: This full-size Star Wars suitcase shows a BB-8. It is from the official Disney range, and not a knock-off or flimsy copy. This is part of a range of Disney Kids cases which also includes the Avengers, Donald Duck and Mickey / Minnie Mouse.

Underneath the striking designs you’ll find a quality American Tourister ‘Wavebeaker’ case. This has a dotted texture, which helps prevents scratches and scrapes – and also features a TSA compliant combination lock.

Check out the zoomable design and the different size options for yourself now on this dedicated product page.

Disney Disney Wavebreaker - Spinner 77/28 Star Wars Hand Luggage, 77 cm, 96 liters, Multicolour (Bb8)

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Detailed Review of the Star Wars Children’s Suitcase from Disney / American Tourister

With the full size Wavebeaker case you’ll get a 77ca x 52cm x 29cm case which holds an impressive 96 litres. This is a sturdy case, with a solid construction. It weighs in at 4.3kgs (thanks to lightweight elements). The key material is polycarbonate for the shell.

This Star Wars case has 4 wheels, which can move in any direction. This design is called a ‘spinner’ as it is even possible to spin the case around in a circle. It can be pushed on a flat surface. On a rougher surface, or a carpet, you’ll find it easier to pull like a regular suitcase.

The dotted texture and matte style finish is more important than many buyers realize. Checked in luggage can suffer a lot of scrapes and bumps. High gloss (particularly metallic) finishes can show any damage easily. This special texture will keep this Star Wars case looking smart and fresh.

While I am focusing on the full-sized case for this review, you can also get small and medium versions.

Check out the product page for the sizes and designs.

BB8 In Action (Oh, and Case Security Features!)

I love the design, it has a real action feel to it. The unmistakeable BB-8 draws in your eyes right away. It has a feeling of movement to it, with a star field in the background. Big segments of white and orange, the same tones as on BB-8, add to the overall effect. There are some nice extra touches. For example, the plastic covering for the zip is the distinctive orange of the droid.

If you choose the medium of large versions (the check-in ones), you will get a TSA lock. This is a 3-digit combination lock, with an over-ride for the Transport Security Agency. The TSA will not need to break your case should they decide to take a look with this over-ride. The combination lock is good enough to deter casual thieves.

Feedback Star Wars Suitcases

What Previous Buyers Said About the Star Wars Wavebreaker Suitcases?

The feedback for this Star Wars luggage and the Avengers / Donald Duck / Mickey Mouse ones are combined within one product page.

People were impressed with the build quality of these cases. This does not surprise me. Most kid’s luggage is lower quality, often flimsy plastic stretched over a frame. This case is a solid Wavebreaker Model from American Tourister. They are a respected brand, and give long guarantees with their cases.

As well as the sturdiness, the packing space came in for individual praise on more than one occasion.

Wrap Up: Is This Star Wars Case Good Enough to Travel to a Galaxy Far, Far Away?

While many kid’s cases are gimmicks, this is a real case, with a Star Wars design. It comes in 3 different sizes. One is hand luggage compatible, while the others are for checking in. The hard shell has a dotted effect to avoid scratches. Design-wise, the abstract and all-action take on the droid BB-8 is bound to turn heads.

Check out the full spec, zoomable pics and buyer comments for yourself now on this dedicated product page.

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