Berghaus TwentyfoursevenPlus Rucksack Review

Summary: The Berghas TwentyfoursevenPlus Rucksack is popular and smartly-designed which is ideal for use on hikes or treks, as well as use as a day to day backpack / shoulder bag. It is a very stylish backpack, smart enough for school and even work. The bag is small enough to be used as hand luggage for most airlines too. People seem to love this bag, it has lots of amazing reviews and many people said that they would recommend this bag to friends.

Check out this popular backpack on this dedicated product page to see a gallery of pictures from different angles including internal views. Note that the ‘eclipse blue’ option shows the most variety in pictures.

Berghaus Twentyfourseven Plus Rucksack

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Detailed Review of the Berghaus TwentyfoursevenPlus Rucksack

The Berghas TwentyfoursevenPlus Rucksack is a great option if you are looking for a spacious and sturdy backpack. At the time of this review this stylish Rucksack was a popular option, with it being the 5th bestselling Trekking Rucksack, the 8th bestselling casual daypack and the 17th bestselling hiking backpack. The bag is 49x28x24cm in size, which is cabin approved on most airlines, adding to the convenience of this option. The bag is a surprisingly lightweight option at 481 grams and it can hold up to 25 Litres, so you can really make the most out of your luggage allowance. The height of the bag also allows you to fit items such as laptops in the rucksack. This is a smart and stylish option, great for sporty individuals or those looking for a well-designed, convenient everyday backpack. The bag is designed to increase your comfort while wearing it. The back system increases comfort and breathability with vented foam making your hike or trek more comfortable. Additionally, the grab handle on top of the bag will allow you to easily pick up the bag if you need to run to catch a bus or get into school or work. There is also a height-adjustable chest strap to keep the bag in place which is very convenient for those going hiking or trekking, as they will not have to adjust the bag repeatedly to keep it in position.

Internal Storage Options

This backpack will give you many storage options. There are loop attachments which will allow you to fit things such as walking poles on to the side of the rucksack. There are also pockets both internally and externally allowing you to keep your items well organised. There is a large front pocket which is perfect for keeping your important items for easy access. There is a bottle pocket allowing you to keep hydrated during your hike or trek, the hydration system as a whole is perfect for keeping you refreshed and making your hike an easier adventure.  There is also a large main compartment which is very spacious allowing you to take your essentials with you, this compartment is large enough to fit items such as laptops. All pockets are zipped close to keep your items safe and protected.

Additional features for this backpack include a reflective band which will increase your safety allowing you to be seen easier in the dark. The bag also features key clips to enable you to attach items on to the outside of your bag optimising the amount of space this bag will allow you to use. This backpack currently comes in a range of colours including grey, black, eclipse and evening blue, check out this stylish bag on this dedicated product page and see a gallery of pictures including internal views of the bag. Note that the Eclipse blue option currently shows the most diverse range of pictures.

Feedback Berghaus Rucksack

What Previous Buyers Have Said about the Berghaus TwentyfoursevenPlus Rucksack?

There are some brilliant reviews for the Berghaus TwentyfoursevenPlus Rucksack, the positives vastly outweigh any negative reviews. Buyers seem to love this rucksack, as it is easy to store a large amount in the backpack. People mentioned being able to find large items such as laptops in this Rucksack which gives a good indication of size. This is great for those looking to make the most out of their baggage allowance. Another feature people seemed to love is the adjustable and breathable straps as it adds that bit of extra comfort for the user. People seemed to think the bag was very comfortable and that this made the journey more enjoyable. Many users also love the fact the bag is very lightweight as this enables them to carry the bag more easily and makes the bag more comfortable. A lot of people also seemed to think that this bag is good value for money due to the low price and great quality of the bag. Many people said the bag feels sturdy especially externally and many people state using this bag a lot and finding it very sturdy in practice. There are many users who also used this rucksack as a day bag as it is smart and stylish in design. This is great as you will get lots of use out of this bag really making the most of your money.

There are some negative reviews for the Berghaus TwentyfoursevenPlus Rucksack. There were some negative reviews questioning the quality of the product, calling it flimsy and talking about broken zips. This could be a fair negative comment and could be due to a variety of factors including overloading the product or a faulty Rucksack. There were also a couple of negative comments about the interior of the bag stating lack of pockets etc, however the product specification talks about the style of the bag including the number of pockets so I am not too sure what these reviewers expect. There were also some negative reviews stating the capacity was not what they expected, however this largely depends on the items put in the rucksack.

Overall this is a brilliant rucksack for those looking for something very stylish and convenient. It can be used as carry-on luggage or as a day rucksack for school or work. Check out the reviews for this practical rucksack for yourself!

Wrap up / Next Steps

This is a great rucksack for those looking for something lightweight and convenient. It is a nice rucksack and is comfortable to carry out. Perfect for a weekend away, or a day out. It is very stylish in design and very convenient to use. The breathable back system will make the rucksack more convenient to wear, and use.

Many users of this bag have used this as a day bag for school or work so it is a great bag that you will be able to get a lot of use out of. It is an easy and comfortable bag to wear all day and a great option for travel. Check out the fantastic colour options on this dedicated product page.

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