Samsonite Aeris Hard Shell Spinners

Summary: It is the unusual setup of the spinner wheels of the Samsonite Aeris hard shell luggage that will catch your eye. The sizes are mismatched. This is a feature, not a mistake. A quirky design touch, which fits perfectly with the overall look and style. I’d call this a modern interpretation of classic design. You can see the retro feel, and the features list is impressive.

You will find Aeris spinner cases in some seriously bold colours. Whether you stick with the classic black, or go for bright red or turquoise, these Samsonite hard shell cases will last for years (if not decades!).

See the impressive picture gallery that lets you zoom in on the details for yourself – on this dedicated Aeris cases page at the Samsonite store.

Samsonite Aeris Spinner M Suitcase Luggage, 68 cm, 64.5 Litre, Red (Red) (Luggage)

Samsonite Aeris Spinner M Suitcase Luggage, 68 cm, 64.5 Litre, Red (Red) (Luggage)

Bold, tough and as bright as you dare, the Aeris hard shell spinners from Samsonite have retro looks and some super-modern features…more

Detailed Review of the Samsonite Aeris Hard Shell Spinner Cases

This review covers the medium sized Aeris spinner. There are options covering hand luggage and larger check-in versions too.

When you view these spinners from the side, they look like any regular case. Albeit with a lower front than back.

The design has that ‘woe’ factor when you step back and look at the Aeris cases from the front. Mismatched spinner wheels suddenly make sense. A gentle slope going back towards the handle, and contrasting trims create a modern / retro feel. It gave me hints of Art Deco, without having a fully 1920’s design.

Aeris hard shell spinners are made from Polypropylene. The medium version is 68cms tall, weighs 4.4kgs and had a 64.5 litre capacity.

A Word on the Unusual Wheels

This is a spinner, though the wheels are different to the lightweight spinners from Samsonite. Instead of a doubled wheel jutting out, you get single wheels in solid plastic surrounds. You can still spin the Aeris cases 360 degrees – only it takes a harder flick of the wrist to get those wheels all aligned.

Robust wheels are no bad thing.

You can pull (on carpet) or push (on tiles / pavements) these hard-shell cases with ease without having to worry about the dreaded broken wheel while you are on holiday.

Inside View Samsonite Aeris

Features of the Samsonite Aeris Range

These cases close with big, tough, plastic clasps. One is on the top, the other at the side. No zips mean no broken zip heads – and better secured luggage. You get a lock – three dials let you set your own combination. This comes with a TSA override (recommended for US travel).

For traditionalists out there, the big plastic side handle lets you carry this just like an old-fashioned wheel-less suitcase.

Add a big sturdy telescopic handle and reinforced corners.

Inside the Aeris Spinners from Samsonite

These hard-shell cases have simple insides. One side is naked, with the plastic shell visible. There are dual elasticated bands on that side to keep your clothes in place.

The other side has a combination which I remember from the Samsonite cases of 20 years ago. This is a cover you can peg in place using sturdy plastic pegs. Remove this to open the compartment fully. On the flap are two pockets. One mesh, the other zipped pocket is covered.

A ‘no frills’ interior, though perfectly good enough to get the job done.

Aeris Case Flat

Feedback: What Do Owners of the Samsonite Aeris Cases Say?

Quality and sturdiness come up multiple times at the different retail outlets. The word ‘strong’ is always good to hear. Comments include examples of using these cases for serious excursions. There were a few notes on temperamental locks. It did sound like one of them at least was a forgetful user. When people rant a little too much… you get what I mean?!

No lining on the inside surprised some buyers. Even without this, the average feedback rating was high. These are not the most expensive Samsonite cases, and the expectation level might not always account for the major price reduction compared to the newer models.

I recommend checking the latest feedback – which ever case you buy.

Wrapping Up: Retro Hard-Shell Cases – Is the Aeris Spinner Right for You?

Suitcase fashion keeps on moving and choosing a classic retro style like the Aeris is a wonderful way to make a statement without following the herd.

You get a tough case, with spinner wheels, telescoping handle, combination lock (plus TSA override) and that Samsonite quality we all love. For me, the black one looks fantastic. If that is too boring for you, then there are some seriously bright and bold colours to choose from.

Check out the options, along with the latest (if any!) discounts – over on this dedicated Aeris page at the official Samsonite store.

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