Hauptstadtkoffer Alex Hard Shell Suitcase Review

Summary: German engineering, a big choice of colours and a hard-wearing shell. The Alex spinners from Hauptstadtkoffer are extremely popular mid-priced case. They are not short on features. Re-enforced corners, a combination lock, multi-directional wheels and internal straps. Feedback has been solid for the price. Sure, this is not the glowing style reviews of Tumi, American Tourister and so on… What you’ll find people agree on is that this is a robust, value item.

Check out the size and multiple colour options for yourself now on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

HAUPTSTADTKOFFER - Alex - Luggage Suitcase Hardside Spinner Trolley 4 Wheel Expandable, 65cm, burgundy (Luggage)

HAUPTSTADTKOFFER – Alex – Luggage Suitcase Hardside Spinner Trolley 4 Wheel Expandable, 65cm, burgundy (Luggage)

High-quality hard shell made from ABS + polycarbonate, break-resistant, impact-proof and shock resistant….more

Detailed Review of the Hauptstadtkoffer Alex Spinner Hard Shell Suitcase

Alex case are on the blocky side for me, though still look smart. They have a sideways grille on the front. The corner plates add to the good looks. These are black for all of the colour options, they work really well as a contrast to the lighter items.

These are hard shells. I recommend the more muted colours, which will resist scratches better. There are 18 different colours available. If you click at them on the amazon product page, you can see the full case in that colour for comparison.

You can also choose from 3 sizes, or save some money with a set of 3.

Here are the different sizes with capacity:

  • Small, 42 litres
  • Medium, 74 litres
  • Large, 119 litres

Inside View

Special Features of the Hauptstadtkoffer Alex Cases

These cases are expandable. You can fit 15% extra in them compared to the advertised size. If you do this, particularly with the large version – make sure you get a luggage scale before check-in!

This is a 360-degree spinner case – with the tough wheels capable of pointing in any direction. Your case will also be safe. There is a combination lock (which uses the zips). Inside, you’ll get elasticated cross ribbons and a divider pad with a mesh pocket. Not forgetting the aluminium telescopic handle.

You’ll find the full spec and colours available here.

Feedback Alex from Hauptstadtkoffer

What Previous Buyers Said about the Hauptstadtkoffer Alex Cases

As these are super popular items, there is a lot more feedback than for many items. You can see the full range of opinions. Some loved these cases, others were not so keen – what most people agreed on is that you get a solid case for your money.

Hard wearing is a phrase than comes up again and again. Scratches are mentioned, as you will find with all high gloss finishes. A darker or more muted tone is the key to avoiding these. The extra (expandable) space also gets several mentions.

While this is not the ‘super-fan’ feedback many IT or Samsonite suitcases get, I think the 4-stars (at the time of writing) is a fair assessment overall for these decent, mid-priced suitcases.

Wrapping Up: Is a Robust Alex Suitcase from Hauptstadtkoffer Right for You?

Let’s not knock these mid-priced suitcases.

Many people are (rightly) cautious about the super-budget items. They look like other cases, though rarely can stand up to the rigour of travel. At the same time, people question whether that extra money – sometimes 3x or more – is worth it for a well-known brand.

This is why a safe-bet case like the Alex is so popular.

It is tough, decent looking and will get the job done year after year. At the same time, these cases will not cost you an arm and a leg.

Check out the colour options, sizes and the buyer feedback for yourself now on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

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