Eastpak Tranverz L Suitcase Review

Summary: In a world where everyone has the same generic black boxes for their luggage – the Eastpak Tranverz L definitely has style. This is a soft covered case from a company who built their reputation for outdoor gear. It is stylish, strong and expands / contracts (great for storing between uses). With wheels and a handle, you can either roll it or carry as a holdall.

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Eastpak TRANVERZ L Suitcase, 79 x 40 x 33 cm, 121 L - Black (Black) (Luggage)

Eastpak TRANVERZ L Suitcase, 79 x 40 x 33 cm, 121 L – Black (Black) (Luggage)

The most spacious of the Tranverz collection has a capacity of 121 litres. Crafted from durable ….more

Detailed Review of the Eastpak Tranverz L Soft Cover Luggage

When packed this case measures 79cm x 40cm x 33cm. It expands as you pack it, with a huge 121 litre capacity when full. That is plenty enough for a 2-week holiday for most of us.

Eastpak are famous for their outdoor gear (coats, backpacks and so on). This case uses their nylon / polyester technology and is very durable. You will get a choice of colours. Like with most cases, black leads the way in popularity. You can also choose black denim, cloud navy, crafty blue, double denim, good grey or Sunday grey. Curiously (at amazon.co.uk at least) identical cases in different colours seem to vary in price (they have different discounts, at the time of writing at least).

I have focused on the larger version for this page. There is also a small (42 litre) and medium (78 litre) version available.

Moving the Eastpak Tranverz: Silicone Wheels and Handle

This case has a telescopic handle, which fits snugly underneath is you are using it as a traditional case / big holdall. This allows you to wheel it around behind you, though the setup is no ‘spinner’ like.

There are softer plastic carrying handles on the top and on the long side. I did feel the Tranverz would have used a longer strap joined at either of the long ends – especially for the smaller models where the packed weight might not be prohibitive.

Features: Double Deck Packing and Integrated TSA Lock

Eastpak Suitcase Tranverz LA key reason to choose a soft case like this one is that it collapses between uses. If you have a stack of cases stored anywhere, you’ll know this is a big advantage. When you do get packing, you’ll find separate compartments on each half, plus double deck storage which keeps the Tranverz easy to organize. You also get a small pocket on the inside on one side for stashing away those important small items. There is also a front pocket for access during transit.

There are straps on the sides, which come into their own when the case is at less than full capacity. You get a double zip, which goes all the way around for easy full-opening. These zips are joined at the front by a TSA lock + combination lock system.

Feedback: What Owners are Saying About the Eastpak Tranverz Cases?

After knowing the positive views on Eastpak for their outdoor clothing, it was not a surprise to see very positive reviews left by previous buyers of this case.

Two words which came through on multiple comments were ‘durable’, and ‘quality’. One negative spoke of a broken lock – though a replacement case was already on the way for that buyer.

In the world of luggage, the public is hard to please – a quick look through the feedback for this model will show that Eastpak has done a great job with their Tranverz range!

Wrap Up: Is This a Great Soft Luggage Option?

Not everyone likes the solid black boxes which make up the majority of modern luggage. The Tranverz L (and other size) cases are certainly a different option. For me they have a rigged, outdoors look and feel – and are certainly big enough for those who want to pack a lot in.

You’ll get silicone wheels, a handle and divided packing spaces. You’ll also have a choice of 8 colour combinations. Best of all, this type of case does not take up all your storage space between uses. It will pack largely flat when empty.

For a rugged soft case which ticks all the right boxes, the Eastpak Tranverz is a great bet.

Check the latest price (this varies by colour!) for yourself now on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page!

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