Set of 5 Cities Cabin Luggage

Summary: These cases from 5 Cities make a popular option for lower budget cabin luggage, for two! You get 2 bags for around the price of one. These are approved for even the strictest airlines as carry on bags. They also have a lot of positive feedback from previous buyers. A lot of reviewers were surprised about how good these bags were for the price. At the time of writing, there is a big discount available at too.

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Set of 2 Super Lightweight Cabin Approved Luggage Travel Wheely Suitcase Wheeled Bags Bag (2 x Black /Blue)

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Detailed Review of the 5 Cities Set of Two Wheeled Cabin Bags

These suitcases are a great option for those looking for a low budget bag that is good quality for money. It is a highly popular option. In fact at the time of this review this bag was the 9th bestselling luggage case on amazon. They come in a set of two, ideal if you are travelling in a pair or just need that little bit of extra space. The overall size of each case is 55x35x20cm with the body of the cases being 54x35x19cm. This size is cabin approved as hand luggage for a lot of airlines including EasyJet, Ryanair and Virgin.

These bags have a good capacity of 42 litres – large for approved hand-luggage. Several users said these cases are perfect for weekends away with some users using them for a week away. A lot of users of this case also mentioned how lightweight the cases are. This makes navigation easier and allowing you to make the most of your luggage allowance. The weight is 1.45kg, which is good for suitcases of this size. There is a front facing pocket, for easy access to during you trip.

Padlock Included

The bag comes with a padlock for that added bit of security during your flight, allowing you to keep your valuables protected. The bag is zip closed with two zips one for the main compartment and one for the front pocket. There is a retractable telescopic handle. Allowing you to manoeuvre your suitcase through busy airports, train stations or streets easily. To help prevent wear and tear on the bottom of the bag there are large rubber balls to prevent dragging and a PVC rubber strip to prevent further damage. There is also a rigid back frame to help the bag to stay upright and protected. Overall the design of the bag is convenient, simple and easy to use.

These suitcases come in a wide range of colours and patterns. From simple black which is great for business trips to fun animal patterns. There are also options where you can have two different styles in your pair. This is ideal if you are looking to use these bags with your travelling partner and will need to tell the bags apart easily. Check out the wide range of design options on the dedicated product page.

 Feedback for the 5 Cities Hand Luggage Sets

What Previous Buyers Said About the 5 Cities Set of Two Wheeled Suitcases?

Previous buyers seem to love these suitcases. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive. One of the most common themes is that reviewers seemed to think that these cases are great value for money.  There are quite a few comments saying that for the price these bags were a lot better than they expected. There are also a lot of reviews saying that these suitcases are the ideal size for hand luggage on airlines like EasyJet. Reviewers also mentioned how lightweight they are – allowing for easier navigation and allowing them to make the most of weight allowances. Finally, there were a lot of reviews saying they would buy again and/or recommend to others.

There are some negative reviews. One theme that comes up is that the bag can fall over when not being held. However, this is a common negative review that comes up for a lot of suitcases with two wheels, and can be caused through overloading the suitcase. Other negatives that came up were regarding issues with broken zippers, the bag splitting, etc. There are not many of these reviews in comparison to the positives, these are fair negatives but may be a faulty few cases rather than representative of the product. These are also a very cheap option and in most suitcases, you get what you pay for, they are great value for money and good quality for the price but may not last years.

Wrap Up / Next Steps

It is easy to see why these bags make the best-sellers list. They are great value for money, perfect for those on a budget and a lot of buyers have said they would recommend these to a friend. They also fit as hand luggage for airlines such as EasyJet. These bags come in a wide range of colours and patterns so you are sure to be able to find something to suit you and your needs, check them out on this dedicated product page.

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