Samsonite X Blade 3 Carry On Luggage Review

Mark’s Update: X-Blade cases have been replaced. I love the new Base Boost spinners from Samsonite. They are close in looks, with better (lighter) build and eco-friendly materials. Check out the options on this dedicated page at the official Samsonite store now!

Samsonite Base Boost - Spinner S (Length: 40 cm) Hand Luggage, 55 cm, 39 Litre, Black (Luggage)

Samsonite Base Boost – Spinner S (Length: 40 cm) Hand Luggage, 55 cm, 39 Litre, Black (Luggage)

Eye for detail: Distinctive metal logo, pullers and plead caps on the front pocket… more

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Summary: This is the latest version of a classic Samsonite case. I’m covering the hand luggage version of the X’Blade 3.0 cases here, though you can also get a mid-sized one. This is a 2-wheel case, with a soft shell (optionally an expandable version) and several compartments. It has an expandable handle. The smaller ones are RyanAir compatible, which means they are welcomed by the flag-carriers too. While ‘timeless’ is a little too strong, the X’Blade is certainly a classic.

Check out the zoomable pictures and feedback from previous buyers for yourself on this dedicated product page.


Detailed Review of the Samsonite X’Blade Carry On Luggage

You’ll get a smart, black or dark blue pull-along case, with more extras that first meet the eye. This is a soft shell case, made of hard wearing material that will protect if from spills. It is capable of standing upright on it’s own. This is made possible by 2 sturdy feet, opposite to the wheels.

The dimensions start from 50cms (with a capacity of 39 litres). You’ll meet the RyanAir criteria with the second smallest to, this is a 55cms case, and carries 44 litres. The next one is also 55cms, though an expandable design makes it a little over the smallest limits. This model will work on the main airlines for carry on. There is also a 69cm version, which has a 99 litre capacity. I am covering the hand luggage here. If you’d like to check this checked in one, you can see it on the same page.

This is not the lightest case, at 2.5kgs *55cms model.

Compartments and Security

A big advantage of choosing an X’Blade over a spinner is the front compartment. With a spinner you need to unzip the whole case. Here you can put things in separately at the front for easy access.

These compartments continue inside the case. I like the way that the lid (front) is smaller, with zipped areas for those vital bits and pieces – while the main (deeper) compartment is great for clothes.

You can lock all of the outer compartments at once, or just the main one, using a regular combination lock. There is a TSA override lock. This will help to ensure that your case does not get damaged if customs / security want to check it while you are not present.

Samsonite Quality

Samsonite QualityIf you already own a Samsonite case, this part will go without saying. The build, parts and overall quality will be a long way ahead of any budget knock-off type brands you might have used!

Feedback: What Previous Buyers Said About the Samsonite X’Blade Carry On Luggage

True to form for Samsonite cases, the comments have a consistent message of quality, solid build and so on. To be fair, one buyer did have an issue with the stitching, this case was immediately replaced.

Having several compartments also got positive feedback. That front pockets will come in a lot handier than you expect while you travel!

Wrap Up: How Does the X’Blade Carry on Bag Compare to a Spinner

For me, this is just as smart as the latest thin, hard shell spinners. The soft cover is durable and water proof, and certainly not easy to scuff. As is often the case with Samsonite, it is the details which make this case. Flexible security (with TSA override), multiple compartments and a lightweight telescopic handle all contribute to a high-quality case.

Check out the positive feedback and see the picture gallery (including close-ups) on the product page now!

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