Ted Baker Nevver Document Bag

If you thought Ted Baker were only shirts and suits, it is time to think again – their Nevver document (shoulder) bag is perfect for both business and leisure.

This is not the first document bag Ted Baker have created. The plainer Ripleey bags look sharp, though for me the muted blue or brown stripes of the Nevver bags stands out. You can carry these bags using either padded handles or the shoulder strap. They are plenty big enough for a laptop, and double-up as great hand luggage.

You can zoom in on those all-important details on the impressive picture gallery at the official Ted Baker store at Amazon.co.uk

Ted Baker Men's NEVVER Document Bag, Black, One Size (Apparel)

Ted Baker Men’s NEVVER Document Bag, Black, One Size (Apparel)

Style and practicality, the Nevver bags are plenty big enough for your laptop – with room for lunch to spare… more

Detailed Review of the Ted Baker Nevver Document / Shoulder Bags

The Nevver bags are made of strong, hard-wearing synthetic material. This looks like leather, without the environmental impact. They are wipe-clean, with quality stitching and that attention to detail you would expect from a big name like Ted Baker.

They are big enough for a laptop, with room to spare for your accessories, document wallets and maybe even your lunch.

I love the designs. You get two versions, one is black with a blue stripe, the other brown with a muted orange stripe. Both have a Ted Baker logo.

Outside Features

These bags double up. You can hold them via two looped padded handles or use the shoulder strap instead. The shoulder strap is adjustable, so you will have no problem finding a comfortable position. It can also be detached from the D-rings at the side. I recommend stashing it inside the bag, as you never know when it will come in handy.

On the back is a large leather-look flap. This lets you carry a light jacket – or hook your bag onto the telescoping poles of your spinner suitcase.

Inside View Ted Baker Nevver

Ted Baker Nevver Bags – Inside and Pockets

Nevver bags have a dark polyester lining. This feels tough enough for regular use – and has a little looser fit than similar bags. There is one main compartment, which is big enough for all but the biggest laptops. I’m not sure these bags are ideal gym-bags, though trainers, clothes and your bathroom bag would fit.

The only other feature on the inside worth noting is a separate zipped pocket. Great for keeping important items separated.

Feedback: What Did Owners of the Ted Baker Nevver Bags Say?

I used the predecessor of these bags for several years as my business bag. While the synthetic exterior eventually started to peel, it had at least three years of looking great.

Comments on the Nevver and Ripleey bags are definitely positive. The theme that runs through the comments includes both the excellent value (note, it is cheaper at the Ted Baker Amazon UK store than at the official TB site according to multiple people), and the quality / looks of the product.

Even those that mentioned minor faults appeared to be happy with the overall quality of their bags.

As always, whichever suitcases, bags, or travel accessories you buy – that feedback from regular users is a lot more valuable than marketing messages provided by the manufacturer.

Ted Baker Bags Logo

Wrapping Up: Are Nevver Document Bags from Ted Baker Any Good?

As a fan of Ted Baker, I can confirm that their quality and style go beyond their clothing line – and definitely includes their bags.

Nevver bags double up as laptop / business bags and stylish weekend bags. There are two colour options in this range, both with a distinctive (though muted) stripe running up the front.

You get a leather-look, with a quality build, zipped inner and detachable shoulder strap for a surprisingly decent price. With Ted Baker, you know you are getting style as well as quality – a rare combination in the world of luggage / bags.

Check out those colours, and see the latest price now, over at the official Ted Baker store at Amazon.co.uk!


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