IT Bubble Spin Suitcases

Summary: In a world where most cases look alike, the Bubble Spin Suitcases from IT Luggage immediately catch your eye. The shell has circular dints. The wheels are in a contrasting colour (clashing!). As you will read below, these cases have the tech, build quality and lightweight construction that IT suitcases are known for. You can get them in 3 different sizes, or you could grab a matching set – and really turn heads at the airport.

Check out the close up (zoomable) pictures and the latest prices for yourself now, over on this dedicated product page.

Detailed Review of the IT Bubble Spin Suitcases

You get stunning designs, whichever size and colour combination you go for with the Bubble Spin range from IT Luggage. The ‘Biscay Green’ model is pictured above (this stands out the most). If you prefer something a little more subtle, though with the same circles design, there are two more options:

  • Black
  • Blue Depths

Whichever colour you opt for, the wheels stand out. These are a bright blue – so vivid that it almost looks like coral. The zip and sides are black. This stands out best when you go for the daring green version.

There are 3 sizes in the IT Bubble-Spin range.

  • 54cms (that is good for hand luggage on almost every airline)
  • 70cms (medium)
  • 79cms (large)

These are heavier than many IT cases – especially when you compare them with the World’s Lightest Luggage range. The small one is 3kgs, the biggest 5.1kgs. That is average compared to most cases and leaves plenty of weight to pack with.

Infinispin Technology

Bubble-Spin cases are spinners. You can literally spin them in circles. IT luggage have created a new word ‘Infinispin’ which they use for their latest wheels. This is superior to normal spinners, with 360-degree options for each wheel. I’m not convinced that these cases are ‘more spinny’ than others from IT, Samsonite, or Antler – though the wheels are certainly bright.

You get a contrasting metallic handle, which fits snuggly into the back of the case.

Other tech includes 2 handles (side and top) plus a combination lock which does have TSA over-ride.

Bubble Spin from IT Cases

Inside the IT Bubble Spin Suitcases

I like the lining of these cases. This is striped, patterned in grey and black. There is nothing too special / notable about the inside – fair enough at the lower price point.

One side has an elastic strap, the other a double zip to keep everything hidden away.

Feedback: What Did Buyers of the IT Bubble Spin Suitcases Say?

Good feedback from a number of different sites / sources for these cases. Only one disaster I could find (someone was rightly upset at having broken wheels). IT Luggage has solid customer service, and a 10-year warranty – so hopefully this individual was able to get a quick replacement.

Obviously, the design was a big factor in the positives. You will know right away whether you love these suitcases or hate them! It seems that most people were delighted with their purchase.

Feedback for IT Luggage in general is overwhelmingly positive. I have no hesitation in recommending them, though it always pays to read the latest feedback before you buy any suitcases online.

Wrapping Up: Are the Bubble Spin Suitcases Right for You?

I’m guessing that most people getting this far down the page will know they love the design already. The big question is, does the spec and quality work?

While these are heavier than many cases in the IT range, they have a lot of quality extras for a low price point. You get ABS an abs shell, Infinispin wheels, a TSA proof combo lock, and an internal compartment – along with a choice of sizes and some crazy colour options.

If you (or someone you know) loves the design – then the quality is definitely not an issue.

Check the zoomable pictures, and the latest prices for yourself now, over on this dedicated product page.


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