Samsonite Disney Bathroom Bag Review

Summary: There are 3 designs in the Samsonite Disney bathroom bag range. The one pictured is pink and shows Minnie Mouse. There is also a blue one showing Mickey, and a blue and pink mix one with the mouse ears shown from the back. The last one has added glitter. As you would expect from Samsonite, these are quality toiletry bags. They are soft, have Id tags and have some extra padding included as standard. Whether this is a gift, or just great way to get your child to take their own bathroom products away, these Samsonite Disney bathroom bags make a great pick.

Check out the 3 designs, and the positive feedback from buyers over on this dedicated product page now!

Samsonite Disney Ultimate 2.0 Toiletry Bag 23 cm, 3 L, Multicolour (Minnie Glitter)

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Detailed Review of the Samsonite Disney Ultimate 2.0 Toiletry Bag

All 3 bags in this range are 23cms across. The capacity is 3 litres, plenty big enough for a toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush and more. The reason for buying Samsonite and not a lower quality knock-off brand becomes clear when you see the fabric. This is soft, though much better quality than for rival products. There is some extra padding included as standard.

The zip has a fabric loop. This can be used to hang the bag while not in use. There is also a name-tag to add a little personalization (and to stop it getting mixed up, for example on school trips where there might be several bags around).

These Samsonite Disney bathroom bags are genuine. If there is any doubt, the small classic Disney logo on the tag will put your mind at rest.

Samsonite Disney Minnie and Micky Mouse Bathroom Bags: Designs

You get to choose from 3 designs. It is not ‘politically correct’ to assign genders to them these days, though I’m sure you will see how these toiletry bags are positioned in that respect.

  • Minnie Mouse: This kids bathroom bag is grey with white dots on the sides, and pink on the top. The main graphic shows Minnie Mouse. Here headband sticks up over the top edge. This is glittering pink. She looks upward and to the side, with a white gloved finger covering her mouth.
  • Mickey Mouse: This toiletry bag has blue sides, with letters of the alphabet in white at different angles. The top has a zig-zag design in black and white. The main design shows Mickey in the same pose as Minnie in the pink bag (looking upwards to the side, with a finger on his mouth).
  • Ears and Bow: This design is darker, with a mix of plain dark blue sides and pink bows on the top section. The zip is also pink. This time, the main design shows mouse ears from the back, along with a bow. The bow is black with bright pink trim. The loop for hanging this bag is grey.

Feedback: What Buyers Say About the Samsonite Disney Ultimate 2.0 Bathroom Bags

Not a huge amount of feedback this time – though what there is has been universally positive. The word ‘cute’ came up repeatedly. Buyers were also happy that the item they received was exactly as described at amazon.

In general, Samsonite get glowing feedback for their range of Disney backpacks and accessories. They also get a lot of specific age ranges mentioned (it seems grandparents are the ones buying these!).

Wrapping Up: How Do the Samsonite Minnie and Mickey Mouse Bathroom Bags Compare?

If your child is ready to pack their bathroom bits separately, then these Disney bathroom bags make a great introduction. With glittering designs, high-quality padded fabric and name tags all included as standard, the adults will see that the boxes are ticked.

What the kids will enjoy are the cute designs. Whether a you choose a pink-bowed Minnie, Mickey with letters or the more understated ears and bow combo – you’ll know you are getting the real Disney characters.

Check out these cute Disney bathroom bags for yourself right now on this dedicated product page!

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