Samsonite Litebeam Soft Shell Luggage

Mark’s Summary: I have made no bones of being a Samsonite fan in my writing here at Luggage Review – and the new Litebeam soft-shell suitcases only re-enforce my loyalty.

From the unique triangle design with textured fabric, to the spinner wheels and thoughtful inside compartments, Samsonite has created a fantastic (and lightweight) luggage option. This Litebeam luggage review is focused on the large climbing ivy version. You will find an equally impressive carry on – and other colours too.

Check out the practical side of these soft-shell suitcases – along with the different options and impressive close up picture gallery now – on the Litebeam page of the official Samsonite Amazon UK store.

Detailed Review of the New Soft-Shell Litebeam Suitcases from Samsonite

Like most soft-shell luggage from Samsonite, Litebeam has a front opening setup. Instead of two equal parts, you get a single deep storage compartment inside.

This plays into the design.

My focus was drawn to the front which has interlocking shapes. There are two triangles, an odd shaped larger section and a zip which covers slopes down diagonally. This is quirky, and smart at the same time. When you add the narrow ridges of the textile covering (reminds me of corduroy), then the Litebeam range springs to life.

Contrasting with the diagonals on the front, the top is pleasingly curved. The whole unit sits proudly upright on its eight tough spinner wheels.

Size Guide for Litebeam:

I’m reviewing the large (check in) one, though you will also find two carry-on sizes:


  • 77cm x 47cm x 28cm (31 expanded), up to 111 litre capacity.
  • 8kgs

Carry On:

  • Smaller Carry-On: 45cm x 35cm x 20cm
  • Larger Carry-On: 55cm x 40cm x 20cm

side-on view of Litebeam luggage

Outside Features and Spinner Wheels

While most Luggage Review readers understand the ‘Spinner’ concept, I’ll repeat it for anyone new.

There are 8 wheels (four sets of two) on the Samsonite Litebeam suitcases. They swivel in any direction. That means can steer your cases around while pushing them, choose to pull them behind you on two wheels, and that this luggage stands up when you let go. There s a telescoping handle, which you can adjust to a height you are comfortable with.

Litebeam luggage has regular carry handles on the top and side. I like the way the side one uses the same covering material as the main case, a small but solid design choice.

There is a combination lock with a TSA override in the middle front of the case on one side. Note that you don’t get a key (that is for the US customs / security people).

Pockets and Inside Features for the Litebeam Spinner Luggage

That sloped zip on the front gives you one pocket – though you need to open your Litebeam suitcase to see how well Samsonite designed the inside.

There are two pockets of equal size on the back of the lid. Providing plenty enough space for those smaller and easy to lose items.

Your main compartment has a deep area for packing everything else. There are elasticated straps, which are adjustable, which will keep things in place. Packing cubes are a godsend for this type of luggage – a super-low-cost way of making packing and unpacking easier.

Inside view Samsonite Litebeam

Feedback: What Did Owners of the Samsonite Litebeam Suitcases Have to Say?

Same old problem with this section – these are new cases and have not yet picked up reviews from people that have taken them on one or more trips.

Naturally, I will come back to this page and update it. That said, there is a ton of feedback about Samsonite as a company and Samsonite suitcases for their other luggage. This is always positive, with only the occasional grumble for late deliveries or from some that thought they should have a TSA key!

Wrapping Up: Is the Samsonite Litebeam Luggage Right for You?

If the distinctive, quirky, and elegant design has piqued your interest – then the build quality, spec and quality finish all add up to a great choice of luggage.

Litebeam cases are designed with angles that most Samsonite ranges lack. Add the textured finish and you have a truly unique combination.

With multiple pockets, tough spinner wheels and the combination lock / TSA override combination that makes US travel just as easy as EU trips – Litebeam are as practical as they are stylish.

Check out the impressive full gallery now and check the latest colour and price combinations for these excellent new soft-shell cases – on the Litebeam page at the official UK Samsonite Amazon store.


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