What Kind of Packer Are You?

By Sam

Packing for most of us is a chore. It is perhaps the least enjoyable thing about a holiday or taking a trip. There is no one size fits all for packing. Some of us like to take everything but the kitchen sink whilst others are happy with a couple off Tee’s and a pair of clean undies…

Below you will find descriptions of some of the most common packers out there. Have a read, see which type of packer you are and consider trying some other methods on your next trip.

Which Packing Type Are You?

Last Minute

With the popularity of last minute holidays it is no surprise that many of us are also last minute packers. You know the type, the ones who literally open their wardrobes, grab a handful of clothes and stuff them into a suitcase as quickly as possible.

This feels awesome when it goes right because you have managed to complete a tedious task in a matter of minutes. However more often than not you will find you have packed a bunch of stuff you don’t need or worse are missing some important items when you arrive at your destination.

Packing at the Last Minute


The over packer is someone who tries to think about every scenario. Packing anything and everything for those ‘what if’s’ and ‘just in case’ moments. They end up with two sets of trainers, multiple going out outfits and even some gym gear – just in case…

Sure, it’s good to be prepared, but packing this extensively is almost always overkill, can result in extra charges for luggage and at the very least means you are hauling around a heavy set of bags through the airport and maybe even trawling them through a hot city on arrival.

Cutting back is obviously not your strong suit, but slowly but surely just start streamlining your packing and you will find that you don’t need anywhere near as much as you thought you did.


The backpacker is the laid back traveller. One who does not want to wait for their baggage on the belt and opts for hand luggage only with their essentials in.

This is my favourite form of packing and I personally think it is great for any trips up to a week long. I personally like to do some laundry when away, tend not to bring many gadgets and accessories, so really do only need a few staple items no matter where I go.

Packing this way means there is zero chance in lost luggage, no waiting at chaotic baggage reclaim belts and best of all cheaper trips as checked in luggage can cost an arm and a leg these days.


Roller (Advanced Packing Techniques!)

If you are reading this then no doubt some of you have read other packing articles and I would bet my bottom dollar that you will have heard of rolling and some of you will no doubt have adopted that packing style. If not then read on.

Rolling is an amazing way to pack your clothes. You will arrive with pretty much wrinkle free clothing and save space in your case meaning you can take a smaller case or have lots of room to bring back goodies from your trip.

It also couldn’t be simpler. You literally start at one end of your garment and roll it up nice and tightly before placing it into your case. Then simply rinse and repeat with the rest of your items.

I urge anyone who has not tried this to give it a go. You can thank me later.

Final Thoughts on Packing Types

So there you have it, those are the main types of packers out there. Like the majority of things in life each of them have their pro’s and con’s, so either choose the one that best suits yourself or aim to be a hybrid of a few different types.

If you are currently a chaotic last minute packer then try a little planning in advance, just enough to make sure you end up with the right things, but not so much that packing takes up the majority of your time for weeks leading up to your trip and causes you stress.

If you are always on top of things and have everything you will ever need then lighten up a little, leave some things behind and if you find you are missing something while away then immerse yourself in the local culture and see how the locals do things. You may well find it more efficient or at the very least will learn something about the places you visit which can never be a bad thing.

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