Briggs and Riley ZDX Spinner

If the ZDX spinner from Briggs and Riley is not already the ultimate suitcase, it is super-close.

There are patented details that put the likes of Samsonite and Antler to shame. The key reason that Briggs and Riley get lifelong fans is the build quality. You get a lifetime performance guarantee with the ZDX spinners – which (unusually) includes airline damage. With ‘ballistic’ nylon construction, ball bearing spinner wheels and clever expansion potential – you’ll be blown away by these cases.

Briggs and Riley cases are excellent value, even with the higher price point.

You get a case which keeps its style and function for years.

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Briggs & Riley ZDX 66cm Medium Expandable 4 Wheel Suitcase, Hunter (Apparel)

Briggs & Riley ZDX 66cm Medium Expandable 4 Wheel Suitcase, Hunter (Apparel)

ZDX are elegant, sturdy and practical. Another popular pick from the high-end luggage brand Briggs and Riley… more

Detailed Review of the ZDX Spinner Luggage from Briggs and Riley

Before I get to the clever details, here is an overview of the sizes and colour options.

There are two carry-on sizes. One is 53cm, the other 56cm. If you switch between the low-cost airlines and majors, the smaller one is perfect. While the 56cm gives you more room, this is at the upper limit for most airlines for taking it onboard with you.

The other options are for checking in. There is a medium 66cm model, and a larger 74cm one. Both offer expansion options.

Colours are black and the super-stylish ‘Hunter.’ That is a classic dark green with black and small details in orange. The combination works brilliantly, with the shorter ball bearing wheels giving the case a squat, elegant look.

Briggs and rRiley Powerpocket

Outside Features: Unique Spinner Wheels

ZDX cases spin 360 degrees.

Smaller than usual wheels have a unique design which allows these suitcases to glide along. Ball bearing sockets mean the wheels swivel effortlessly. Having those wheels closer to the case gives careless airlines fewer opportunities to break them.

The telescoping handle is also unique. Unlike other cases, Briggs and Riley have a patent for their ‘outsider’ handles. These don’t take up any inside space, though still sit snug and telescope smoothly. As you will see, the design of the handle is unusual too.

You get a hideaway Id tag, which sits behind the case between the lines of the telescoping handle.

There are also regular handles on the top and the side.

Outside Pockets and Expander Zip for the ZDX Spinner Suitcases

Carry on versions of the ZDX spinners have a hole for a USB charger.

This feeds into a ‘power pocket,’ which sits at the rear. This is perfect for your phone, and lets you charge on the move.

There is a smaller front pocket with a ‘U’ zip opening. Documents and small accessories will comfortably fit here. An innovative ‘Speedthrough’ pocket includes RFID blocking. This one is perfect for your electronics, giving you easy access for airport security. Carry on versions also have a slip pocket, which is elasticated.

Inside the ZDX Spinner Cases

Inside the Briggs and Riley ZDX Spinners

Briggs and Riley use one deep pocket inside their ZDX luggage range.

Instead of elasticated straps, you get a mesh cover, smaller top pocket, plus nylon straps to keep everything in place. Experienced travellers will appreciate the flexibility this offers.

On the inside the front, you get two big pockets, in a 60% / 40% setup. The smaller one is mesh, allowing you to see the contents. The bigger one is zipped on two sides.

As with the outside, everything about the inside of these Briggs and Riley cases is top quality.

Feedback: What Do ZDX Spinner Owners Say About Their Cases?

Briggs and Riley are a brand that create life-long fans.

This is obvious from the comments about the ZDX spinner luggage. It is all top rated, and several people mention that this is not the first Briggs and Riley case they have purchased. The word ‘quality’ appears frequently. One person made a point of the fact that these cases outlast competing brands like Samsonite.

Negative feedback is rare for this brand, and the ZDX suitcases are no exception.

Wrapping Up: Are the ZDX Spinner Suitcases from Briggs and Riley Any Good?

There is no doubt these are exceptional cases – the real question is whether they are worth the bigger price tag compared to regular brands?

It comes down to value. With timeless design, a lifetime performance guarantee and tough build, there is nothing stopping the ZDX cases lasting 5 or even 10 years. If you divide the price by 10, then the value is obvious. Even a ‘decent’ brand case would be replaced more often than that.

With the beautiful design, impressive features list and patented tech, these Briggs and Riley cases are perfect for frequent travellers.

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