Fun Family Beach Games

Keep the Whole Family Entertained with these Easy Beach Games

Even the best days at the beach need some fun family games to break up time. Once you are done with sandcastles, swimming and getting buried in the sand – try some of the games listed below. Some are age-dependant, though you will find that expressing your inner child will make for a memorable holiday.

Top 8 Low or No-Cost Beach Games:

Try Limbo Dancing!

All you need is a stray branch or pole, and you can give limbo dancing a try. Set the height to an easy level at first, which will allow everyone to get involved. As you lower the height, kids will have an advantage – often to their delight. Best of all, it gives the adults a chance to get flexible. If you have some music available, limbo dancing on the beach can be even more fun.

Cheap Family Beach Game Fun – Musical Chairs (Using Towels or Inflatables Instead)

This is an entertaining family beach activity based on the classic Musical Chairs game. You will need some music, which someone not directly playing will manage. A smartphone will work, though a portable Bluetooth speaker is even better. The idea is that when the music stops, everyone needs to find a towel. The catch? One less towel than person on each round.

Boule Classic Beach Game

Keepy Uppy Contest

Football is fun, though crowded beaches and the number / ages of players available mean this is not always possible. Instead, keeping a small, soft football off the sand makes for a family-friendly alternative. To play this, stand in a loose circle, and keep the ball moving between the players. If you are the one to let the ball hit the ground, you lose a point!

Frisbee Fun

Nothing beats the value of a plastic frisbee. For a few pounds, you get a disc that will last for years – even generations of family beach holidays in some cases. You only need two players to get started, though more can get involved. Learn some tricks, like catching it between your legs or putting spin on your shots to make frisbee games even more entertaining.

Family Beach Games: Boule

Generations of kids enjoy boule. The idea is that you throw (underarm) metal or plastic balls. The winner is decided by which ball lands closest to the smaller ‘jack’ ball. Adults will enjoy this game as much as the kids. You can buy cheaper plastic coloured boule sets or go for the longer-lasting metal sets. Soft sand is ideal, as this stops the balls rolling into the sea!

Beach Entertainment


While the smaller kids might struggle, volleyball works brilliantly for families. You don’t need formal rules to enjoy this. A lightweight net is easy to pack (and even doubles up as garden fun when you get back). This can be played by just two people, up to three on each side of the net. You win a point when the ball hits the ground on your opponent’s side of the net. Ideal setup means that nobody directly faces the sun – and hopefully it is not too windy.

Novel Family Beach Game: Racing With Ping Pong Balls

Building a channel on the wetter sand to race ping pong balls into the sea is a brilliant game. I recommend starting about 15 feet back. Nobody is allowed to touch the ball. Instead, get the kids to dig a channel and wash the ball to the sea using water collected in buckets. This family beach game is simple, and those ping pong balls are small and easy to pack.

Bat and Ball Style Games

You could opt for a full-on tennis match, though other beach-users might object! There are plenty of alternatives with smaller rubber bats, tennis rackets with hollow plastic balls (remember French Cricket!), or even swingball games if you have room.

Packing for Beach Games

What I like best about these family beach game ideas is that most don’t need you to pack too many extra items. A couple of balls of different sizes, some bats and an extendable pole are plenty enough to keep those kids entertained. Add in swimming, crabbing and those all-important breaks for packed lunch and snacks for the perfect beach break.

I do recommend a sturdy beach holdall. You want one that can be easily cleaned (that sand!), has a shoulder strap and is deep enough to pack your costumes, sunscreen, and snacks – as well as the accessories for your beach games.


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