Samsonite Manual Luggage Scale

Samsonite Manual Luggage Scale Detailed Review

Summary: Samsonite create beautiful suitcases, and their manual luggage scale continues their range of stylish products. While the dial looks amazing, it does not compromise on accuracy. You will be able to weigh cases up to 75lb / 32kgs no problem. One buyer said they used it to weigh their dog!

If you have a frequent traveller in the family, this makes a brilliant and inexpensive gift. Best of all, you can get a genuine Samsonite product at a super-accessible price point.

Check out the glowing reviews of this item for yourself now, on this dedicated product page at the Samsonite store.

Detailed Review of the Manual Luggage Scales from Samsonite

For a small and inexpensive scale – this product packs a punch. It is 16cm from handle to hook, 8cm across and around 3cm deep. It is made of ABS (the same tough plastic used in the newest hard-shell suitcases), with 30% steel for the hook.

By folding the hook up, it takes even less space for packing than the advertised 16cms. Samsonite offer a limited 2-year warranty – which you simply would not get with no-brand ‘knock-off’ type scales.

Using the Manual Scales

Weighing your luggage could not be easier. You make sure the dial is reading zero. Then hook the steel hook around the handle on top of your case. Next, simply lift the case using the large plastic top handle and watch the dial move. I got the hang of luggage weighing fast – the steel hook might move to the side of the strap on your case – though balancing for a few seconds won’t be a problem.

Most of the time you’ll be under the 22kg / 23kg allowance, spot this quickly and head to the airport with peace of mind. Remember to check those allowances, especially with the lower cost carriers. A lot of their revenue comes from catching out unwary passengers with extra charges for overweight bags. If you want to pack the max, getting a lightweight case – for example the Samsonite Cosmolite range – will help!

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Other Uses of the Samsonite Manual Luggage Scales

With no battery needed, these scales are useful in multiple settings. I already mentioned that someone weighed their dog (presumably with a strap / hammock!). You can weight anything that can be lifted with the hook around the house. That includes you bikes, kitchen equipment and even fitness accessories.

Feedback: What Owners of the Manual Scales from Samsonite Said?

Overall, the feedback is hugely positive. As ever, I like to address the negatives first. There is a little fury around. Someone bought on to avoid the more expensive battery-powered scales, only to have their entire life (and possible after-life) ruined. Well, that’s how their comment sounded to me at least. I wonder if the utter devastation for their entire family caused by a broken scale was made up for by Samsonite’s guarantee?

Back to the positives. As you’d expect, there is only so much you can say about a simple scale. The vast majority of buyers gave 4 or stars and were happy with the accuracy and ease of use.

I’d make sure you check the latest comments though… after all, according to recent feedback, a plague on our country might be bought about if another faulty unit is shipped!

Wrapping Up: How Does the Samsonite Manual Luggage Scale Compare to Electronic Ones?

For me, this scale looks classy, and does the job just fine for 95% of travellers. If you are on the very edge of your allowance, then spending a little more on an electronic scale will give you that extra peace of mind. I’m always a kilogram or two short – so a general scale works great.

No batteries are a big plus point. With a manual scale, you won’t go to weigh your cases, only to find your electronic scale died since your last trip.

These scales are a bargain, and well worth having for that extra peace of mind.

Check out the latest (entertaining) feedback for yourself now on this dedicated product page at!

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