170 Piece Travel First Aid Kit

Summary: This travel first aid kit has 170 components – plenty enough that you won’t suffer from that ‘forgotten something’ feeling. It is perfect for outdoor trips, holidays – or just as a handy kit to keep at home. You get more than just the standard plasters and wipes in this kit from the General Medi Store. It has an emergency foil blanket, eye wash and even includes a pair of scissors.

With a smart green case and an attractive price, you will see why this travel first aid kit is a best-seller. You can see zoomable pictures of the components, and read the latest feedback for yourself now – over on this dedicated product page at amazon.co.uk

Detailed Review of the General Medi Store 170 Piece First Aid Kit

Let’s start with the case. The bright green colour might seem like overkill, though if you need to administer first aid in an emergency, it can help you spot your kit quickly. It opens into two equal halves, each with a clear pocket so you can spot what you need right away. It says first aid in bold white letters on the front.

On the outside there is a hook. This means you can attach it to a rucksack or keep it in place, so you know exactly where it is in an emergency. This kit meets multiple international approvals – including ISO 13485.

Considering how many individual items are included, this first aid kit is compact. It is 20cms x 15cms x 6.5 cm. It weighs 680 grams when fully loaded.

Travel First Aid Kit: 170 Components

To get to 170, the makers will count every plaster, cotton wool bud and bandage individually. That said, this still an impressive list for any traveller.

Let’s start with the hardware:

  • You get a pair of scissors (perfect for cutting bandages / plasters)
  • A blanket like the foil ones you see at the end of the London Marathon
  • Tweezers (often overlooked, though can be super-useful).

There are also safety pins, gloves and even an emergency whistle.

Bandages and plasters are varied. Sticking plasters include everything from regular 1cm x 4cm ones to bigger ones and those with butterfly shapes. There are special plasters for knuckles and fingertips. In addition to a list of bandage sizes, you get gauze pads, a cold compress and even an eye pad. Tapes, tourniquets, and splints are also included.

Small extras which other travel medical kits miss include a sachet of burn gel and some saline solution.

What is in this Travel First Aid Kit?

Feedback: What Buyers of the General Medi Store 170 Piece Medical Kit Said?

The comments / feedback for this item have been hugely positive. People have used this for far more than travel or outdoors. Specific mentions include it being the perfect home kit and the kind of thing to have spare in the office and one for the car.

One or two mentions that it does include some ‘tat’. The compass / whistle is only of limited use if you keep this kit in your bathroom cabinet at home after all.

What is really telling about the feedback is that several different people mentioned that they would be buying more…

When you compare the list of items with cheap kits, this feedback hits the right spot. Whatever travel first aid kit you buy – do read the feedback first, this will give you the real story, beyond those nice marketing words!

Wrapping Up: Is the General Medi Store Travellers First Aid Kit Right for You?

This kit is more than just a peace of mind extra for your travels – it is complete enough to have one everywhere you and your family spend time. The 170 items included are not all plasters and bandages. You get scissors, tweezers, and a foil blanket too. Add to this saline solution, burn gel, an eye patch and even safety pins and many common emergencies are covered in a single kit.

For me, the bright green case with hook and clear pockets sealed the deal. They mean you will be able to use your travel first aid kit for years to come simply by topping up the things that run out.

Check out the latest price and see the impressive complete list of items included for yourself now, over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page!


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