Antler Clifton Cabin with Pocket

Summary: Antler has added a side pocket on the carry-on version in their popular ‘Clifton’ range. This is not simply stuck on to the outside of the hard shell. When you open it, you will quickly see that it makes use of the internal space – and has padded pockets to organise your documents and keep that all-important laptop safe.

This hard-shell hand luggage would be equally at home on a plane or in the office. Your work items can be kept separate from your spare shirt and washbag. You can personalise this case with your initials. Check out the colours and the latest price now, on this dedicated product page at the Antler official Amazon store!

Quick Disclaimer: Antler were kind enough to send me this case for review. While this is appreciated, I will make my usual note that the words and opinions are my own. I would never let readers down with anything other than an honest, straightforward opinion.

Antler Clifton Pink Cabin Suitcase | Lightweight Hand Luggage | 4 Wheels | 55x40x20 | Cabin Luggage with Spinner Wheels | for Ryanair | EasyJet | Jet 2

Antler Clifton Pink Cabin Suitcase | Lightweight Hand Luggage | 4 Wheels | 55x40x20 | Cabin Luggage with Spinner Wheels | for Ryanair | EasyJet | Jet 2

Antler’s Clifton cabin size suitcase is a lightweight carry on luggage collection that has a little bit of everything…. more

Detailed Review of the Antler Clifton Hand Luggage Spinner with Pocket

Clifton Spinner Top ViewMore details of the pocket are in the next section. First, the practical information:

This case is 56cms tall, 35cms wide and 23cms deep. It is on the bigger end of the spectrum for carry-on luggage. This is within the size limits of all the main airlines – though if you are travelling super-budget and happen to meet an attendant on a bad day, you might need to store it in the hold.

At the time of writing, it is available in black. It is a brand-new addition to the Clifton range, which does come in bright colours and white. ABS keeps this case light and strong.

It is a spinner, with 4 wheels that go in all directions. There is a telescoping handle which allows you to pull, push or spin your case. Those same wheels provide a solid base to keep your case standing up when not in use.

To pick it up and store it in the overhead locker, there are handles on the top and side.

The current retail price is £179.

Clifton Spinner with Pocket

The side pocket is what makes this case different. This has a different material than the main shell, a black fabric design which shares the same thick ridges as the other Clifton cases. It opens with a double zip on 3 sides. The heads of those zips fit into the combination lock on the top – on the opposite side to the zip heads from the main compartment. The combination lock has a TSA over ride.

Two flaps let you open the front pocket about 30cms. This is plenty enough to get things in and out. Undoing the Velcro and studs on the holders lets you open it fully.

There is plenty of room in this pocket. It uses part of the main body of the case. There are two small open pockets on the inside of the front, along with a zipped compartment with a mesh cover. A pen holder loop on the side is a welcome little detail. Antler say that the main compartment is big enough for a 15.6-inch laptop. I’ll only add that there is plenty of room left over for your power supply and mouse!

The back section has a strap hanging down. This secures two extra pockets. For me they are ideal for documents, or a tablet / smaller laptop.

Inside the Main Compartment

Inside view Clifton with Side PocketWhen you open the case, you can feel the give between the back of the main compartment and the front pocket. You get flexibility between how much you add to each section. Like the other members of the Clifton range, there is one closed compartment and one open one.

Instead of an elasticated strap on the open side, you get a canvas one that is opened with a plastic clasp. This has a ‘user’s manual’ attached to it. The open side has a small zipped pocket hanging off of it and there is an inside / backup name tag pocket too.

One observation is that there is a lot of lining inside this case, this scrunches up when the unit is empty. This does not get in the way once you pack things into your case.

Over on the other side the zipped compartment has a meshed and a closed pocket with clear plastic windows on the front. All-in all there are plenty of options for storing smaller items.

Feedback: What Buyers Said About the Antler Clifton Case with Pocket

This is a brand-new item, so no buyer feedback on this exact model is available at the time of writing. If you check the feedback at the usual outlets for the rest of the Clifton cases range, some familiar terms will immediately pop out.

The main term is ‘Quality’, which comes up over and over and in different contexts. Quality with ‘pretty’, quality with ‘practical’ and so on. This is a British brand, with a reputation for taking great care of both their customers and the quality of their products.

I’d be happy to add your thoughts to this section if you buy one – mail me your review at

Wrapping Up: How Does the Clifton Spinner with Front Pocket Compare?

This is a great little carry on that would easily double up as a regular office / laptop bag. I tried not to be too impressed to keep my review impartial. With the combination of smart, almost elegant, design and all those pockets – it is hard not to love this spinner.

Antler has managed to keep the looks that made the Clifton cases so popular – and add those minor details which make business travel more comfortable. The surprise part is that the front pocket is not just stuck on. This uses the inside space, allowing you to access a lot of your gear without opening the main case – and then lock the zip heads for security.

If your business laptop bag and hand luggage need an upgrade that will last – then this case ticks all the right boxes.

See the latest colour options and pricing now, over on the official Antler UK Amazon store.


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