Tassia Wheeled Leather Pilot Case

Summary: Tassia have created a stunning wheeled pilot case. It is big enough for a large laptop, and its looks are beyond smart. With a shiny black leather cover, matching black details and those sharp, square edges, this will turn heads in any office. Add in the telescoping handle and wheels, and it becomes a versatile bag which could be used for business travel. The Tassia pilot cases have more than simply good looks. You get a mix of pockets and compartments, plus a lockable front pocket.

Feedback from owners is super-positive for these laptop bags / pilot cases. Check out the close-ups of the key parts and latest price for yourself now, over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

Detailed Review of the Tassia Black Bonded Leather Pilot Cases

This beautifully chunky square laptop bag works for more than just pilots. Having said that, it is exactly the type that airline pilots use… This is a big bag. It is 48.5cm by 27cm by 38cm. The makers say this is a 19-inch laptop bag. I’m sure they meant it is 19 inches, and suitable for laptops, rather than trying to attract users of giant laptops…

It is a heavier case.  This is the build, solid shiny bonded (treated) leather. It weighs in at a little over 3.6kgs when empty.

When you put the telescopic handle down, this can be carried like an old-fashioned briefcase. Put the handle up, and you can wheel it along. There is no shoulder strap for this model (for me that would take away from the concept, you’d be better off with a duffel). Note that there is an alternative model which does not come with the wheels / handle.

Cheap Leather Pilot Case from Tassia

External and Internal Pockets

The main pocket is revealed by peeling back a good-sized lid. Within this main compartment you get a big compartment, and one with a leather strap / holder to keep your laptop in place. This pocket is lockable using a combination lock with three numbers. No TSA over ride is included, though this case is not the type to check in to the hold, so I can’t see that being an issue.

One the outside you have a lockable front pocket, along with small pockets on each end. Oh, almost forgot the pen holder under the main compartment lid – with a small, zipped pocket for those easily lost essentials.

Feedback: What Owners of the Tassia Wheeled Pilot Cases Said?

When you consider that this is one of the cheapest leather pilot cases you will find, the amount of positive feedback was a surprise on the upside. There were a couple of concerns, though overall people were super-happy with the quality for the price paid. If you are unfamiliar, this is a lot closer to the price point of PVC cases than real Leather ones… let alone bonded leather.

Other than someone whose case showed quality issues after 2 years of daily use, there are few negatives. There were a couple of grumbles about the locks jamming, though those appear to be in the minority.

Some feedback complimented the Tassia cases after trying those from other brands – which is always a boost.

Feedback for all types of cases can change fast. Whatever bags you end up with, make sure you check out the latest reviews from long-term owners… those will always give you more insight than the glossy marketing brochures.

Wrapping Up: How Do The Cheap Bonded Leather Pilot Cases from Tassia Compare?

These pilot cases are excellent value. You get a sturdy bonded leather case which can be used for both work and travel, for a price point which is more common for fake leather bags. The units look super-smart and will certainly stand out compared to the more common laptop bag designs. They are versatile, with big and small pockets, a laptop holder, and locks.

If you are looking for an upgrade for your office luggage, then this wheeled bag ticks every single box.

See the close-up pictures and check out the latest feedback for yourself now over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page!

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