Stanley FatMax Tool Bag

Summary: The FatMax 18 Tool Bag from Stanley is primarily aimed at people in the trades. When you combine the durable materials and practical build, you will quickly see that its appeal is much wider than that. Under that distinctive black and yellow branding, you get a waterproof bag with one big compartment and a row of side pockets. Stanley state that this is prefect for smaller and mid-sized tools. You can carry it using either the rubber grip handles, or the detachable strap.

Feedback from users (most of them in the trades) is almost exclusively positive. Many people note how durable the FatMax bags are compared to the alternatives.

You can check the close-up pictures, and see those comments for yourself, over on this dedicated product page – check it out for yourself now!

Detailed Review of the FatMax 18 Tool Bag from Stanley

One quick look at this bag will show you it is a Stanley product. As well as the logo, you will see the distinctive bright yellow and black colouring. There are a number of bags in the ‘FatMax’ range. What they share is a super-durable polyester construction. As well as this shoulder / duffel tool bag, you get backpacks (one with wheels) and rigid squarer versions.

The ‘18’ is 48.9cms by 26cms by 9.8 cms. It weighs in at 907 grams when empty – this shows just how durable the build is compared to other bags.

It is made from 600 x 600 denier polyester. This is waterproof and will not stain easily (paint, cement and plaster will still stick). The shoulder pad on the strap and grips for the handle are padded, so you can carry those tools in comfort.

Pockets and Carrying Capacity

What I like about the FatMax 18 is that there are not millions of fancy inside pockets. Instead, Stanley went for a more practical approach. The bag has a wide mouth when unzipped. This gives you easy visibility of everything inside – and makes storage that much easier. The bottom is solid plastic. There is a single small zip-up compartment inside, which is great for those tiny items you don’t want to lose in the main bag.

It is the outside pockets that really make this tool bag great. One side has a row of 4 smaller open pockets. At the ends are double pockets and on the other side is a mid-sized pocket that zips up. D-rings hang down from where the carry handles meet the body of the bag for even more options.

Toolbag FatMax 18 Stanley Inside View

Feedback: What Owners Have Said About the Stanley FatMax 18 Tool Bags

A lot of positive feedback for this bag. This comes mostly from people in the trades, with many people giving specific examples of the types of tools / accessories they carry with it.

What comes over is the ‘great value’ message. This bag is not cheap by the standards of tourist / gym luggage. What people found is that they got a great bag for the price paid – not one that will need to be replaced every 6 months or a year.

On the other side, some people had issues with the build. A couple of people got broken straps after use. Stanley did replace their bags – let’s hope that the second one lasts.

Compared to other best-selling tool bag brands, feedback for this one has been excellent. Make sure that you check out the latest comments – you never know when things might change after all.

Wrapping Up: Is the Stanley FatMax 18 Tool Bag Right for You?

For a practical tool bag that will last and last – you really can’t go wrong with the FatMax range. Stanley has years of experience working with the trades, and it shows. This bag is not only tough, it has all your needs covered. Multiple outside pockets, a big inside compartment and waterproof, stainproof materials should tick all the right boxes.

When it comes to value, buyers of these bags have factored in the fact they will last. For many, buying a cheaper tool bag just means replacing it more often. That is not a win for anybody.

Check out the full picture gallery, which shows close-ups of the key features, for yourself now – over on this dedicated product page.

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