BonClare Gym Bag with Shoe Compartment

Summary: This stylish and practical gym bag from BonClare solves an important issue. If you have ever wondered where to put your shoes to keep them from getting everything else dirty – then you will certainly appreciate the separate shoe compartment. This is not a ‘one trick’ bag, is has plenty of pockets. They include an inside security pocket, mesh one outside and a front pocket too. This gym bag can easily be put to use as a casual / weekend bag as needed.

Feedback is excellent for these gym bags. You can see all the colours, plus the close-up pictures of the features, over on this dedicated product page.

Detailed Review of the BonClare Gym Bag with Separate Shoe Compartment

This is a decent sized gym bag compared to many options. It is 51cms wide and 28 x 25 width / height. That is enough to hold a full 35 litres. You can visualise this as comparable with most carry-on luggage.

It is made from ‘Oxford Fabric’. Let’s be honest, it’s some kind of polyester with a fancy marketing name. It is durable, breathable and will resist a lot of regular wear and rear. BonClare are happy to offer a full 12-month warranty – which definitely shows confidence in the robustness of these gym bags.

Gym bag with wet pocket

Shoe / Towel Compartment

The ‘killer app’ with this bag is the shoe compartment. This is accessed via a separate zip on the side. It has a waterproof lining, air vents (to stop build-up of moisture) and is big enough to slide your trainers into. Of course, it does not have to be used for trainers – many people use this type of compartment to stash away a damp towel at the end of a session.

Other Compartments and Features of the BonClare Shoe Pocket Gym Bags

The front pocket is open, this is a standard setup, great for putting those non-valuables into while you get from a to b. There is a mesh pocket on the other side from the shoe pocket. This is loose / big enough to put your drink in, or (as BonClare advise) an umbrella. In addition to the main compartment, you get a wet pocket, plus a smaller one for your valuables.

You can carry this bag using the clip-on strap. This comes with a padded section to stop it digging into your shoulder. There are also dual padded handles. For many people, black is the default choice. There are plenty of other options, including pink, purple, grey and blue.

Feedback: What Buyers Said About this Gym Bag with Wet Pocket / Shoe Compartment

Gym Bag Feedback BubbleNot only is there a lot of feedback / comments for this bag – there are a lot of positive comments. Keep in mind the cheaper price point. This is not your samsonite or MK bag… it is for people wanting a solid, practical gym bag on a budget. People use it for gyms, swimming, and yoga.

The size comes in for praise. At 35 litres this hits the ‘just right’ for a lot of users. Even the size of the mesh pocket gets comments – big enough for your water and more. There were a couple of broken ones, though out of the 100’s of people saying that they got great value, these were the exception.

As always, you should compare the comments (not the marketing speak) for any bags you want to buy – this is where the real story appears.

Wrapping Up: Is the BonClare Gym Bag with Shoe Pocket Right for You?

This bag has wide appeal to anyone looking for a robust, practical gym bag without breaking the bank. It looks great (though does not have designer labels or fancy touches) and gets the job done with hard-wearing materials.

Add the wet pocket, front pocket and mesh pocket to the shoe compartment and you have a bag that works for all kinds of uses – not just sports.

Check out the colour choices, along with the feedback and close-up pictures for yourself now – over on this dedicated product page.

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