Cheap Expandable ABS Spinner Suitcases from Coolife

Summary: Coolife ABS Spinner cases tick all the boxes at a competitive mid-range price point. When I say all, I mean all! These cases have double spinner wheels, a multi-locking aluminium handle, TSA lock, combination lock, lined interior and are even expandable (for the 28-inch version only). If you’d like an American Tourister or Samsonite spinner, though can’t quite justify the expense, then a Coolife Spinner is for you. These are 30% of the price of top-range spinner cases. While they don’t have the badge – these cases most certainly have the spec!

Check out the 3 sizes and 6 colours, along with the latest discounts, over on this dedicated product page.

Detailed Review of the Coolife ABS Spinners

Instead of ‘simple’ ABS, the Coolife cases are made of PC+ABS for extra shine and toughness compared to the standard ABS-only models. They certainly look good. The high-gloss ridged finish could easily be mistaken for a more expensive brand. There are corner plates, which will avoid the most common places that spinners get scraped.

The weights are not in the same league as the ‘ultra-light’ suitcases. Considering the cheaper price tag of these spinners and overall build quality, the overall weights (see below) are competitive.

Sizes and Colours of the Coolife Spinners

There are 3 different sizes, and 6 different colours.

  • Small: 56x 30x 22cms – 38 Litres – 2.9kg
  • Medium: 67x 45x 25cm – 60 Litres – 3.5kg
  • Large: 77x 53x 30cm – 93 Litres – 4.5kg

Colours Currently Available

  • Classic Black
  • Dark Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • White (with black trim)
  • Wine Red

Features of the Coolife Spinner Cases: Outside

Coolife Expanding Spinner LuggageThese cases have a double wheel on each corner. These wheels move in every direction, allowing you to ‘spin’ the case (should you feel the need!). These wheels make pushing the cases as easy as pulling them on tiled floors or pavements. On carpets it is often easier to switch to pulling your case on 2 wheels instead.

There is an aluminium handle which has a button to open and locks into place in multiple levels. You’ll also get two padded handles, one on the side and one on the top of the case.

Finally, you’ll get a TSA lock and combination lock which holds the top of the zips (preventing casual thefts). TSA locks are to allow US customs to get into your case. They are known for forcing entry to cases without locks – any damage is ‘not their problem’.

Inside Features of the Coolife Spinners

What you will not be able to see is the thin layer of foam. This sits inside the polyester lining which covers both sides of the case. Note that you can really pack the bigger cases. This is expandable, which is unusual for a hard-shell spinner (especially a cheaper priced one). The medium and small versions are not expandable.

One side of the case has a zipped compartment, the other side hand elasticated straps which hook together to hold down larger items. There is also a mesh pocket on the side that zips, this is ideal for those smaller, fiddly items which you don’t want to lose.

Feedback: What Buyers Said About the Coolife Spinner Cases?

For a cheap spinner, the feedback for this range has been excellent. If you compare this to other mid-priced and cheap cases, you’ll see the word ‘quality’ mentioned a lot more – in addition to the higher star rating overall.

A common theme was words like ‘sturdy’, ‘durable’ and ‘strong’. Buyers that opted for the orange model added that the case stands out from the crowd, while still looking cool. There is a feeling of pleasant surprise in many of the feedback comments from buyers of the Coolife cases. You get the impression that people were hoping that the bargain price did not come with lower quality – and then are relieved enough to say so in the comments!

Wrapping Up: Should You Get the Coolife Cheap ABS Spinners?

If you think the prices of the big luggage brands are getting daft – and still want a full spec – then these Coolife Spinners are perfect for you.

The spec is impressive. It includes a high-gloss PC+ABS shell, double wheels x4, locks and a well thought-through interior. There are 3 sizes, and some striking colours (as well as the classic black / blue versions).

For a robust spinner at a competitive price, you really can’t go far wrong.

Check out the gallery, feedback and latest discounts (if any!) for yourself now on this dedicated Coolife Cases product page at


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