Antler Juno Suitcase Review

Mark’s Update: Good news for Antler luggage fans, the Juno has been replaced by a lighter, updated hard-shell range called Stamford.

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Summary: I like the brushed style and the mid-range price of the Antler Juno suitcases. In some contexts, ‘mid-range’ could be negative. When it comes to the Juno from long-running luggage brand Antler, it is a positive. This is a solid, light and versatile case. It is not as expensive as a Tumi or Samsonite. At the same time, it is way better than the cheap and cheerful budget brands… so the mid-range label fits well.

Feedback is very positive, with several comments saying that their Antler Juno cases had been tested over multiple trips – and are still going strong.

I like the distinctive ridged styling of this case. Check out the full gallery for yourself now on this dedicated product page.

Detailed Review of the Antler Juno Suitcase

You’ll get a ‘spinner’ design, which has 4 wheels. These rotate to allow movement in any direction. You will soon be pushing your case as often as you are pulling it. There is a range of colours available in the Juno range. These cases have large ridges, giving them a unique look. The matte black version is very popular. If you have ever had a gloss suitcase before, you’ll know that the matte finish helps to avoid those inevitable scrapes and scratches.

If you are looking for something a little more distinctive, then why not check out the orange or red versions?

You can buy this case in 3 sizes, or save some money and grab a set of 3.

Here are the dimensions:

  • Smallest 56.4 x 35.5 by 23.1cm – 45 litres, 2.4kgs
  • Medium 68 x 46 x 26cm – 81 litres, 3.5kgs
  • Large 79 x 31 x 53cms – 130 litres, 4.2kgs

Antler Juno Cases Inside

Features of the Antler Juno Suitcases

This case has a standard 3-digit combination lock. This has a TSA over-ride, making it compliant with US security. The build is hard polypropylene, this has come in for praise as a strong build from many of the commenters.

You’ll get a telescopic handle, which has an ergonomically designed end and does sit snuggly against the case when not in use. There are also internal packing straps, and lining.

Antler are known for their build quality. The 10-year warranty which comes with their cases reflects this. It should give you plenty of peace of mind that you’ll get max value from your purchase.

Feedback Antler Juno Suitcases

What Previous Buyers Said About the Antler Juno Suitcases?

Some of the comments hit the nail on the head when it comes to the balance of price and quality. One specifically mentioned American Tourister. This suggested that now the buyer tried an Antler Juno, they are unlikely to go back to the higher priced case!

Several people mentioned how many miles their cases have done. This is in the context of still going strong, and not to do with using the Antler 10-year guarantee! The ease of movement was also mentioned. Scratches on the glossy versions were the only small negatives. This is a fair comment, though I have yet to come across any shiny luggage which is immune to this problem.

This case has a lot of positive feedback. You can check it out for yourself over on the dedicated product page.

Wrapping Up: Does the Antler Juno Hit the Price / Quality Sweet Spot?

For many people, trying an Antler case is enough to convince them that the higher priced brands do not add much in the way of quality.

Juno cases are reasonably priced, distinctive looking and have a build which is guaranteed for a full 10 years. If that does not hit the sweet spot between price and quality, then I have no idea what would.

Check out the full picture gallery, inside and out, over on the dedicated product page now!

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