Eastpak TranzShell Suitcases

EastPak are famous for their backpacks and wheeled duffels, though the hard-shell TranzShell cases blew me away.

They have a distinctive ridged design with a black denim look and feel. You’ll find the familiar logo placed at the bottom. The corners are reinforced, and the materials used as high-quality as you’d expect from this Eastpak. There are four sizes, ranging from a carry-on to an extra-large. The medium one is the sweet spot for me. The dimensions, styling and practical components work brilliantly together.

TranzShell cases only come in black. While I do believe some colour options would be welcome, for most people – this will work just fine.

Check out the latest prices and watch the official video which shows one being packed – over on this TranzShell page on at the official Eastpak Amazon store.

Eastpak TRANZSHELL M Suitcase, 60 x 28 x 32 cm, 56 L - Black (Black) (Luggage)

Eastpak TRANZSHELL M Suitcase, 60 x 28 x 32 cm, 56 L – Black (Black) (Luggage)

A fantastic, quality case from a brand best known for their backpacks and duffels.. more


TranzShell Hard-Shell Cases from EastPak: Sizes, Dimensions and Weights

The sizes in the TranzShell range go all the way from carry-on to ‘American sized.’

Here are the options:

  • Small: 54cm x 39cm x 20cm – 32 litres, 3.05kgs
  • Medium: 67cm x 42cm x 24cm – 56 litres, 3.65kgs
  • Large: 77cm x 43cm x 26.5cm – 75 litres, 4.10kgs
  • XL: 80cm x 50cm x 30cm – 91 litres, 4.96kgs

*This page covers the medium, unless explicitly stated.

These are not super-light, though the two middle sizes have a decent weight to size ratio. They are spinners. Four single wheels on casters allow 360-degree rotation and smooth action whether you pull or push your case along. The black telescoping handle is narrow and fits snugly on the top.

TranzShell cases are made of polyester. The unique design looks and feels like denim – though you can wipe them clean. There is a combination lock which holds the zips, and this does come with that all-important TSA override for trips to the USA.

Inside view Tranzshell by Eastpak

Inside the TranzShell Suitcases from Eastpak

EastPak like to do things their own way, and the inside of the TranzShell cases is a perfect example.

No contrasting colours or quirky design for the high-quality polyester lining. This is black, matching the outside of the case in colour, if not with the denim texture. There are two separate sides of equal size. What makes them different is the elasticated straps on one side. They lock together to keep those larger items of clothing fixed. The other side has a zipped cover, with the zip going around three sides so it fully opens.

Finally, you get a smaller stash pocket – great for those smaller items which would otherwise be difficult to track down.

I rate this as a solid and functional inside, which (like the outside) looks like it will last.

Feedback: What Owners of the TranzShell Suitcases Thought?

I like to combine my own thoughts with that of owners that have been on multiple trips with the TranzShell suitcases.

Feedback has been positive across platforms and countries for these cases. The easy rolling / manoeuvrability got multiple individual mentions. Sturdiness also appeared multiple times – with the build quality of Eastpak getting significant praise. Some people were happy enough with their first TranzShell case to go ahead and get other sizes to complete the set.

I was a little surprised not to see more comments commenting on the style. While not exactly elegant, the unique vertical ridges to have an individual look.

As always, make sure you check the most recent feedback before buying any case. Even with a respected brand like Eastpak, you never know when a pattern might emerge!

Features Tranzshell

Wrapping Up: TranzShell Unique Hard-Shell Suitcases from Eastpak – Are they Any Good?

I’m impressed by the unique look of these cases. They don’t stray too far from the design of backpacks and duffels that Eastpak are famous for – while having a unique style. What you’ll lack in terms of colour options, you make up for in robustness and practicality.

TranzShell cases are tough. They have reinforced corners and solid spinner wheels. They lock by gripping the zip-heads – with that essential TSA override lock.

These cases will appeal to anyone that knows how high quality the Eastpak brand is – perhaps from using one of their popular backpacks.

Check out the video and see the latest pricing for yourself now – over on the TranzShell page at the official Eastpak amazon UK store!


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