Is Level8 Luggage Any Good?

Level8 Suitcases are Popular: Here Are the Pros and Cons

If you have shopped for travel accessories on Amazon UK recently, then you can’t have missed the sponsored positions for Level8 luggage.

These are budget cases, which have distinctive styling. The sharp corners of the lightweight cases catch your eye in a positive way. The corner plates of the regular spinners give a hard-wearing appearance. The question is not only are they any good, but also: are they worth the (admittedly bargain) prices.

I have dived into the specs, designs, features and feedback for this page.

Firstly, below you’ll see the two main models, colours / designs and the niche models covered. This is not as in-depth as my usual suitcase reviews, though will be enough to show you the different options.

After that, a separate section covers the pros, cons, and highlights from the feedback of 1000’s of regular Level8 suitcase users.

Level8 Luggage: The Main Options

All Level8 cases are lightweight to varying degrees. I split the standard spinners (which come with and without corner plates), and the squarer / sharper cornered models first. Then list the aluminium and luggage set options.

Sharp Corners: Lightweight Spinner Designs from Level8

Level8 Suitcase OptionsLevel8 have rebelled against the convention that luggage has to have smooth, rounded corners with their lightweight spinners.

These cases look great, feel sturdy and have that winning combination of spinner wheels and a telescopic handle.

They also have surprisingly sharp corners.

This is potentially a pressure point. Should a case get dropped by ground crew, and land on a corner, then the full weight of the case hits a small area. That could be a problem for the Level8 case, or whichever one it lands on!

Surprisingly, there is no mention of this in the feedback / comments. It is exactly the sort of thing that Amazon buyers would jump on. Obviously, the absence is a positive sign.

The sharper lightweight spinners come in three sizes. You also get a wide choice of colours; I love the black myself. Somehow the black box look with the angular form works brilliantly.

Check out the designs, including the inside view – and the latest prices on this dedicated Level8 luggage page at


Corner Plates or Gloss Finishes: Spinner Cases from Level8

Level 8 Carry OnThe black model with corner plates is the polar opposite of the angular case covered above.

It reminds me of a flight-case, the type used for musical instruments or electronics. There are carry on options, and two check-in sizes. An interesting option is the expandible carry on. This works for bigger airlines (Ryanair could be a problem). The expanding option adds that all important extra room.

Carry on spinners in this category also have a front pocket. This is designed for your laptop and accessories needed on the move. The main opening has a combination lock with a TSA over-ride.

Colour options are standard. Black, grey, blue, and dark red are not brash – though will be perfect for that 90% of travellers that don’t want to stand out.

These are mid-budget spinners with a lot of positive feedback.

When you consider that only 1% of people typically leave reviews, they have already sold many thousands of them.

Check out the size and colour options for yourself – over at this official Level8 Luggage page at now!


More Expensive: The Level8 Aluminium Cases

Aluminium Level8The aluminium carry-on from Level8 looks stunning.

For the price of a regular carry on from a big brand like Samsonite, you get a metal case. This will not only last for years, but it is also sure to turn heads while you travel. The Level8 Aluminium range are zip-less. You close them securely with clasps.

Fantastic cases, though as they are niche, I will save the full review for a separate page.

Check out the Level8 Aluminium cases on this dedicated product page at now!


Quick Note on Level8 Luggage Sets

You can get a matching set of three or two pieces. These are available on the same page as single cases, though not totally clear from the layout. Look for the colour options (not far below the price) and you will see a listing of the sizes. Check out 3pcs Sets here.


Pros and Cons of Level8 Luggage


  • You get a 2-year warranty on all cases
  • Distinctive designs, with all the popular colours
  • Unique design of the front opening pockets (carry on)
  • TSA combination locks mean they work for USA travel
  • Great value compared to big brands


  • While light, Level8 cases are far from the lightest options around
  • Expandible carry on too big for the lowest cost airlines
  • Reasonably prices compared to big brands, though cheaper options are available
  • No personalisation / customisation.
  • Straps robust, but do feel a little plastic compared to other brands

Overall, I rate these cases as excellent value for money. That warranty seals the deal if you have any doubts. Level8 have been around long enough to value their brand.

Feedback: What Do Regular Users of Level8 Luggage Say?

Level8 Cases Any Good?I’m always suspicious if budget priced luggage has feedback which is too good!

Level8 checks out, with solid feedback that seems to match the price point well. The design obviously got a lot of positive feedback. The price point and value also came in for positive comments across the different ranges. I will note that some people felt the weight was heavier than they anticipated.

Most negatives for any suitcases come when they break. This includes Level8 – though as a percentage of the total reviews I did not feel they were out of line with the average.

Overall, positive reviews without being glowing.

At the price – this must be a win for Level8.

Wrapping Up: Are Level 8 Spinner Suitcases any Good?

Those corners must have put me off initially, as I came away from this process feeling that Level8 suitcases were better than I originally thought.

When you consider that the price puts them in the bottom third – they are even more impressive.

The regular spinners with more rounded corners are my pick.

If you like the sharp lines of the other design, then you can go ahead with the peace of mind of that two-year warranty.

Check out this page for all the Level8 luggage options now!

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