Tumi Tegra Lite Carry On Case Review

Summary: Nobody matches Tumi when it comes to high-end luggage – and the Tegra-Lite carry on range simply screams quality. This case is built to last. It has that long list of small touches which make Tumi cases worth every penny. Tegra-Lite cases are expensive, stylish and are aimed at the discerning traveller – whether the journeys are for business or pleasure. This carry-on is a spinner design, with TSA lock and multiple packing compartments. It is approved for BA and other major airlines.

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Detailed Review of the Tumi Tegra-Lite Carry On Cases

The pattern will catch your eye with the Tegra-Lite cases. This is a lattice-like effect, with grey and silver having a sheen. This is mixed with matt black for the trim, with hard plastic hugging the corners. The overall effect is super-stylish. If there was any doubt about the quality from other passengers, then the Tumi logo and nametag will clarify.

The ‘International’ version of this case has a 29-litre capacity. It is slightly smaller than the US version – which keeps it under the limit for airlines worldwide. This case weight 6kgs. It is 59.2cm x 37.6cm x30.5cm.

Inside Tumi Tegra LiteImpressive Features List

Starting with the outside – there are 4 spinner wheels. These are small, sturdy and allow for the case to move in any direction. You will be able to pull this case behind you, push it – and so on. The telescopic handle is adjustable. Check out the shape of the handle top, one of many small touches which make Tumi cases stand out.

There is a combination lock, conveniently placed towards the top. This holds both zip heads, locking them with wheeled combination locks. There is a TSA over-ride key for US travel. You also get a Tumi name tag. Each corner has a harder plastic cover. This protects your bag from the wear and tear of travel. They look more like style extras than re-enforcements.

Tegra Lite: Pockets and Packing Compartments

You get a front pocket. This has a u-shaped zip, giving you plenty of room for travel documents and other smaller things you need to access quickly.

It is the inside packing compartments where the benefits of Tumi luggage really come to the fore. This case opens in the middle, giving you two compartments. One is designed to hold a suit (or other clothing), including a hanger bracket. The other has a mesh cover, plus the main compartment for storing accessories.

As with the outside, the inner sections are made from high quality materials.

Feedback: What Owners of the Tegra Lite Carry On Said About this Product

Buyers of high-end cases are hard to please (rightly so!). This makes the positive feedback that it received in comments and with star-ratings all the more impressive. Themes covering a lot of comments include the quality of the construction, and the style. The word ‘beautiful’ is not used for suitcases very often, though was mentioned here.

One negative was the difference in size between the US version and international one. If you are only going to use your case in the US, then it could be worth going for the other one. If you are flying in Europe or internationally – then it makes sense to go for a bag that will never be questioned at check-in.

Feedback is hugely positive – though this can and does change for different products. I recommend you check the latest comments from buyers before you buy any case from amazon.

Wrapping Up: Is the Tumi Tegra Lite Right for You?

If you want the absolute best quality with a style that looks both discerning and practical – then Tumi tick all the right boxes. The Tegra Lite has a hard exterior and those small touches which you only get by going for a high-end manufacturer.

Feedback from owners backs up the claims of the maker. This is almost all positive.

Check out the gallery and read the latest feedback for yourself now over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

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