Briggs and Riley Baseline Carry On Cases Review

Summary: With the Briggs and Riley Baseline you get iconic good looks, a real guarantee and patented extras which other bags just won’t compete with. This 2-wheel case is at the larger end of the carry-on spectrum. While not for the low-cost / package operators, flying for business on regular airlines should be fine. The Baseline from Briggs and Riley will expand and has an outside handle. There are plenty of small touches, including light coloured tweed on the inside – making it easier to spot your things, garment folding area and security quick pocket. This is high-end carry-on luggage, with plenty of extras to go with those iconic and stylish looks.

Check out the impressive picture gallery (including inside pics) and read the feedback from owners over on this dedicated product page now!

Briggs & Riley Global 2-Wheel Carry-On, Black,21-inch Baseline Global Carry-On (Luggage)

Briggs & Riley Global 2-Wheel Carry-On, Black,21-inch Baseline Global Carry-On (Luggage)

Expandable rolling carry-on featuring CX technology that expands up to 34%, then compresses back down to original size….more

Detailed Review of the Briggs & Riley Baseline Domestic Carry-On Expandable Upright

There are several sizes with only small differences available. While the 55cm x 59cm bag is listed as carry-on, you’ll need to be flying with a larger airline (and or business) to avoid problems. The smaller 46.6l 50cm bag is a compromise if you are concerned – this one looks just as good and does feature all those extras.

Iconic is the only word that describes the slightly squat though very stylish good looks for these cases. You can get them in classic black, olive or navy blue.

It might sound like a mouthful, but the 2520d ‘Ballistic Nylon’ gets the job done. This is super-tough, resists abrasions, and ‘self-healing’ – as well as waterproof.

As with all Briggs & Riley cases the handle is on the outside. This means no ridges inside to take up space. It also allows for that sneaky extra narrow pocket between the two sides of the handle.

A (Positive) Note on the Briggs and Riley Guarantee

Most cases have exclusions for their guarantees which cover almost all problems. If your case gets damaged in transit, the likes of Samsonite will shrug their shoulders and give you a ‘computer says noooo’ message.

Briggs & Riley have a real guarantee. This is a lifetime performance guarantee, which includes any damage inflicted by the airlines.

Briggs and Riley

Special Features of the Briggs and Riley Baseline Carry On Cases

All these cases have ‘CX expansion technology’. This means you can overpack your case and rely on the give around the zips to keep it closes. Keep in mind that this will often push these cases over the standard carry-on allowance. Having the option (up to 34% more capacity for international size ones) is always welcome though.

The main packing area is light coloured, great for spotting items fast. One size is zipped, with a mesh pocket available when closed. The other has a strap, with smaller pockets at the bottom. There is also a zipped front pocket for easy access. In addition to the carry handle, you can wear these cases like a backpack.

International versions include a ‘Speedthru’ pocket, which lets you store and quickly retrieve the things you need for security check points.

There are two wheels, making this case a classic wheeled design rather than a spinner. One last note, the handle is aircraft-grade aluminium, and has 4 different stops.

Feedback: What Owners of Baseline Briggs and Riley Carry On Luggage Said?

Briggs & Riley Inside Hand LuggageThere are enough reviews to get a great idea of any issues buyers had with using their luggage as a carry-on. Only the 56 inch one had problems, with the comment suggesting that even some major airlines might reject it (they had not, as far as I could tell from the wording, though this guy was adamant that they could).

Others reported multiple uses on the likes of BA and were pleased with the quality and robustness of their bags. Overall, the feedback was hugely positive.

Wrapping Up: Is This High-End Briggs and Riley Carry-on Luggage Right for You?

Business travellers looking for carry-on luggage with iconic good looks and the latest tech really can’t go wrong with these cases. These are not cheap, costing 10x the low-end prices and 3x that of the mainstream brands.

For this extra money you get a tough carry on that comes with a real lifetime performance guarantee and plenty of extras.

See the iconic styling from several different angles in the full gallery and read the latest feedback from those already using these cases now on this dedicated product page.


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