Cipway Compression Packing Cubes

Mark’s Summary: Once you try compression packing cubes, you’ll never go back to stuffing your clothes loosely into your luggage. These durable cubes use tough zips to reduce the space of their contents by up to 60%. They are great for keeping things separate on the outbound trip. The reason I love these compression cubes so much is that they are perfect for keeping dirty clothes separate for the way back.

Other than a travel plug adapter, I don’t know a travel accessory at this price which has such an outsized positive impact for your trip.

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Detailed Review of Cipway Compression Packing Cubes

Let’s get started with the construction, sizes, and colours, before describing the compression system that these Cipway packing cubes use.

You’ll want at least a few – which makes the value of both the linked 3-pack and 5-pack excellent. You get a larger one (they correctly highlight this as a laundry bag), and two medium sized ones.

The laundry size is big, at 14 inches long, 10 inches wide and 4 inches deep. Medium cubes and 10 inches long, 7 inches wide and 4 inches deep. Both sizes refer to the packed (not the compressed) size.

All the bags are made of durable nylon.

Colours are grey with an orange trim, white with a lime green trim, and green with a white trim. All of these compression bags have the Cipway logo on them.

Flat Compression Packing Cubes from CipwayHow to Use Compression Packing Cubes

These packing cubes work via a tough zip mechanism. There is no vacuum pump or lever mechanism, it’s the combination of tough nylon and zips which cover approx. 150 degrees that let you compress everything.

You’ll first pack the bag, then press down (on a flat surface ideally) and pull the tab to move the zips around. This is simple and a lot more effective than many people anticipate. You can reduce the depth of each compression packing bag from 4 inches to just 1.5 inches. Obviously, this does depend on what kind of clothes you store in them.

Feedback: What Did Regular Travellers Say About the Cipway Compression Packing Cubes?

Not only are the feedback / comments for these compression packing cubes hugely positive – there is a lot of it too. When you consider that 1000’s of travellers have bought them, the lack of grumbles and complaints is a good sign.

Tellingly, very few complaints about breakages. While several people mentioned that they were nothing like as flat as a vacuum compression bag when flattened – this was often in the context of how effective they were without a vacuum.

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Wrapping Up: Are These Compression Packing Cubes from Cipway Right for You?

If you have been travelling without packing cubes so far, you are definitely missing out on something that will make your life a lot easier.

Add the compression element, and you have a travel accessory that is virtually unbeatable for value. Only my trusty fold-flat kettle and needed plug adapters beat packing cubes for me personally.

Three make for a great start, with a choice of colours.

Once you compress, it will be difficult to get back to loose-luggage.

Check out the latest prices and pack options now – on the official Cipway compression packing cubes page at


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