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Summary: If you thought all travel bum bags were the same, then I challenge you to check out this real leather one from ODS UK. Not only is it soft, smart looking and hard wearing – it is also functional. Note the different compartments, zips with bigger ‘eyes’ and fully adjustable straps. For genuine leather, you’ll also be surprised at the price. This is not far above those scruffy polyester type bags. Check out the close-ups, and the (delighted) feedback from previous buyers on the dedicated product page.

ODS:UK® Real Leather Bum Waist Bag Travel Holiday Money Belt Pouch Black Change BUMBAG (Apparel)

ODS:UK® Real Leather Bum Waist Bag Travel Holiday Money Belt Pouch Black Change BUMBAG (Apparel)

Large Traditional Holiday Travel Bum Bag Soft Leather Bum Bag Adjustable Push Clip Fastener – 51cms to 100 cms Zipped Compartments, ideal for money, keys and passports etc… more

Detailed Review of the ODS:UK Real Leather Travel Bum Bag

You’ll get a small black bag which clips around your waist. This is just a little over 22cms wide, by 15cms tall and (unfilled) 3.8cms deep. It is made of soft leather, with black stitching and a canvas type strap. That strap can be adjusted over a wide range. It can be as small as 51cms, and up to 100cms. This works for the beginning and the end of a holiday!

Many polyester bum bags have one or two pockets. This one has 3. There is a front pocket which is ideal for keys or other small items. A main pocket, and a wider one at the back. This is ideal for money / documents which you want to keep safe. Having these separate prevents you having to show them (or worse, drop them) while fishing for other items.

Security and Comfort

For maximum security, you can wear this bag facing the front. The zippers are small but robust. Their eyes are big enough that you can lock one or more compartments. For this you’ll need a separate padlock or combination lock, just like this one.

I would recommend you thread the canvas strap through the eyes of your trousers where possible. These straps are tough enough that you’d certainly notice anyone trying to cut them! Accidentally unclipping the bag is difficult, though those hoops act as a safeguard.

Bum bags (or Fanny Packs for Americans!), have been a staple for travellers for generations. These not only provide you with security, they mean you can leave that additional day-pack at home in many cases.

Buyer Feedback ODS Bum Bag

What Previous Buyers Said About the ODS:UK Real Leather Bum Bag?

I really liked an answer to one of the questions. This states that you can put the equivalent of 2 cans of Heinz tomato soup into one of these travel bum bags. There should be a national ‘soup measure’ to describe all luggage sizes!

Feedback is very positive, and it seems almost everyone mentions that the quality is top-notch. Many people also note that the price is only slightly higher than the tatty plastic equivalents.

The only negative I could find concerned the plastic clip, or more specifically it’s size. This does seem to be an isolated complaint though.

Reading the feedback, the overall feeling is that people are happy with the both the quality and the price. This is a rare combo in 2018!

Wrap Up: Is This the Right Bum Bag for You?

If you already know the benefits of travelling with a bum bag, then you will not need me to go into any details. You get comfort, security and free up your hands.

This item is real leather, soft and top quality. It has 3 compartments, a 2-soup carrying capacity, and a fully adjustable strap. If you check the price, especially in comparison with the plastic bum bags, you’ll quickly see that this is a no-brainer.

Check out the gallery and comments for yourself now on this dedicated product page.

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