Purefly Inflatable Travel Pillow Review

Mark’s Update: This one has disappeared since my review. I’m replacing it with the best-seller on Amazon UK – which has a ton of positive feedback (and a super-low price!).

Summary: The innovation with this travel pillow is all about the valve. You might expect to blow into this to inflate it. Instead you push the valve, which blows up the pillow fast. This is made of furry soft material, and has some rave-reviews from previous buyers. Best of all, at just over 250 grams, and with a travel pouch included, it does not take up the same space those bulky travel pillows that you see clipped to the outside of people’s bags.

You can see this pillow in action, and a close-up of that special pumping valve, over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

Neck Pillow Inflatable Travel Pillow Comfortably Supports The Head, Neck and Chin, with Hat, Portable Drawstring Bag, 3D Eye Mask and Earplugs (Blue) (Kitchen & Home)

Neck Pillow Inflatable Travel Pillow Comfortably Supports The Head, Neck and Chin, with Hat, Portable Drawstring Bag, 3D Eye Mask and Earplugs (Blue) (Kitchen & Home)

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Detailed Review of the PureFly Inflatable Travel Pillow

What you’ll receive is a pouch type bag, tied with a piece of bright yellow string. This is made of the same soft material as the pillow. Once you take the pillow out, you’ll find a deflated regular U-shaped travel pillow.

At this point, you might be looking for something to blow into to inflate it. Instead you need to locate the special valve. This is a black plastic cap, which opens to reveal a hole (with a button inside). To inflate the pillow, you need to press on the humped part next to the valve, you can’t miss it. After just a few pumps, you’ll feel the pillow starting to inflate. The process will take no more than 20 seconds to get it fully inflated.

To deflate, you simply hold down the button inside the black valve, and push to get the last of the air out.

Once Inflated: Using the Purefly Luxurious Travel Pillow

When inflated, you’ll be able to see the unique shape. Instead of just a simple ‘U’, there is a ridge at the back. This is perfect for neck support while sitting (including reclining). The bigger than average neck support ‘arms’ then wrap around your neck, preventing the dreaded ‘head loll’ which can wake you up.

This pillow is made of soft velvet like material. You can remove the cover and wash it, a big boost compared to other travel pillows.

Inflatable Travel Pillow Comments

What Previous Buyers Said About the Purefly Travel Pillow

A sentiment that came up a lot in the feedback from buyers was that this is a clever design. This referred to the pump to inflate and press to deflate mechanism. Many people were surprised with how easy it was to inflate. Of course, being less bulky than other pillows is a big plus too.

Overall, people found this very comfortable to use. The super-soft velvet material came in for a lot of praise. The average rating was very high for a product in the travel section!

One negative was that this pillow does not work too well lying flat (unless you are on your back). The lack of sideways sleep is not going to affect those of us outside of business / first class, though it is something to keep in mind.

Wrapping Up: How Does the Purefly Luxury Inflatable Pillow Compare

Being able to pack this pillow away into a small bag is a big plus point compared to regular travel pillows. This model also boosts up the neck support at the back – increasing the comfort level. It completes the plusses with a velvety soft finish.

Whether this competes on comfort or not with the J-Pillow is an individual judgement. It certainly competes with the TRTL on weight! I’d say that the PureFly Luxury is as good as inflatable pillows will ever get – and ideal for a gift for anyone who travels a lot.

Check out the gallery (including the pump / valve) and feedback for yourself now on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

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