TRTL Travel Pillow Review

Summary: Travel pillows are not new, though the design and ergonomics of the TRTL (pronounced ‘turtle’) are a breath of fresh air. Instead of needing to cart round a solid pillow – or blow up a squeaky, rubbery inflatable one, the TRTL pillow starts from scratch and rethinks the whole thing. It wraps around your neck like an extra big polo-neck jumper. The clever bit is the chin support, which stops your head lolling around – yet is comfortable enough to sleep on.

You can see the gallery which includes this in action on this dedicated product page.

Detailed Review of the TRTL Travel Pillow

You can choose from red, coral (pinkish red), black or grey. All pillows are the same size, and all are made from comfortable, machine washable fabrics. The whole thing weighs in at just under 150 grams. This is super lightweight, at around half the weight of a regular ‘U shaped’ travel pillow. It folds very flat, taking up less space than a standard pillow too. You can easily attach it to your luggage, or just slip it inside. The TRTL pillow is 18cms square, and 9cms at the tallest point when folded up.

While the fabric will keep your neck (and lower part of your ear) snug, the technology is all in the neck support. That fabric is hypo-allergenic fleece.

Detailed Review of the TRTL (turtle) travel pillowsScientifically Proven Neck Support

You’ll be please to know that the neck support has been scientifically proven. I’m not exactly sure what that means, though the comments / feedback from buyer back up the scientists (in that it works). What you’ll find is a unique flexible yet firm ribbed design. This sits on your shoulders, and comes up to your chin. You can put pressure on it by resting your head to the side, without any movement. It effectively stops that ‘head loll’ which causes us to snap back awake when sleeping during a flight.

This pillow comes with a 2 months warranty, which can be extended to 12 months.

The makers are so confident in their product that they offer a full refund to anyone who does not find this is the greatest travel pillow they have ever used!

TRTL Pillow Feedback

What Previous Buyers of the TRTL Travel Pillow Said?

I always look for repeating words in the comments from previous buyers. Here there are two. These are ‘fantastic’ and ‘brilliant’. One comment in particular stood out. One user has laughed at by their family when buying one… After trying it out, the family not only changed their mind – they went on to buy a TRTL pillow of their own.

The compact build also came in for some praise. I am sure that anyone who has used a regular foam travel pillow will understand this. Even those who were disappointed did admit that the trtl is better than pillows they bought in the past.

Wrapping Up: The TRTL Pillow vs Inflatable / Foam / J-Pillows

I’m tipping this design for the top, it solves so many issues (bulk, deflation and so on), that very few people will go back after trying it out. The icing on the cake for many users is the size and weight when not in use… in these days where for many airlines every gram is measured makes this a big advantage.

Check out the gallery, which shows how this innovative travel pillow is used, on the Dedicated TRTL Pillow product page

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