Tripp World II Hard Side Suitcase Review

Summary: Whether it is the budget price point or the fresh geometric design, you’ll find a lot to like about the Tripp World Black II suitcases. These are available in different sizes, with a hand luggage version available in addition to the two checked in sizes covered on this page. They are made from lightweight polypropylene – with the medium version a reasonably light 3.2kgs. If the black is not for you then you can pick white or a striking canary yellow.

See the designs and close-ups of the build, plus check for the latest (if any) discount over on this dedicated product page.

Tripp Black II World 4 Wheel Medium Suitcase

Tripp Black II World 4 Wheel Medium Suitcase

This sleek and modern luggage collection is available in a variety of colours so you can travel in style….. read more

Detailed Review of the Tripp World II Hard Side Suitcases

The first thing you’ll notice about these Tripp cases is the moulded design. Instead of flat or slightly ridged sides, there are squares which merge creatively into each other. These join in the middle of the front, where you will see the Tripp Logo. Depending on where the light shines, these give a black / grey effect which manages to look smart in a subtle way.

Check-in versions of the Tripp Suitcases come in two sizes:

  • Medium: 26x 46x 65cms – 3.2kgs
  • Large: 30x 53x 77cms – 4.1kgs

Each case has 4 wheels which swivel. They can point in any direction. This puts these Tripp cases in the ‘spinner’ category, you can pull them along, or push them to weave in and out of busy airport lounges.

Features of the Trip World II Hard Side Cases

Inside View Tripp Hard ShellThese cases have a zip opening about 1.3rd of the way from the front. This gives you one bigger compartment, and one smaller one when you open them. You can lock the case shut with a standard zip-holding combination lock. This has a TSA over-ride, always useful for travel to the US.

There are plastic handles on the side and top. These are in addition to the narrow double pole pulling handle – which does come with a button release.

Inside, you’ll find the smaller compartment is zipped shut with a mesh cover (a nice idea that might save you opening it to see where something is!). The deeper main compartment has elasticated straps in an X shape to keep your clothes from moving around.

The lining is a black, shiny material.

Feedback: What Previous Buyers Said About the Tripp World 2 Cases?

When it comes to themes in many of the comments, Tripp cases tend to see the word ‘bargain’ used frequently. When you compare what you get to the price (especially compared to the better-known brands), then you can see why this is. These cases have hugely positive reviews – better than you might expect for something barely above the rock-bottom for pricing.

Size and carrying capacity also came in for some individual praise. Some people noted that the high-gloss finish is more prone to scuffs than they would like. In my experience with many hard-shell cases (even the most expensive brands), this is inevitable – gloss and airports seem to combine to find these abrasions between them every time.

Overall, the feedback is way better for Tripp cases than just about any budget suitcase brand. Check the latest out for yourself before you buy.

Wrapping Up: Are the Tripp World Hard Side Cases Right for You?

Smart and glossy hard-shell check-in cases without the expense of a Tumi or Samsonite case would sum up these Tripp suitcases. You’ll instantly know whether the geometric ‘squares’ design is right for you. These cases do come in several colours, some a lot louder than others.

You’ll get a decent spec for the money. This includes a TSA / Combination lock, spinner wheels, telescopic handle, extra straps and two inner compartments.

If you are looking for a low-price option that will perform well over multiple trips, then the Tripp World II range could well be the answer.

Check out the full gallery and latest feedback for yourself now on this dedicated product page.

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