American Tourister Modern Dream Spinners

Summary: American Tourister won a design award with their Modern Dream spinners range. When you see the styling, this won’t come as a surprise. The vertical lines, big choice of colours (some normal, others striking) and fresh shaping all fits within a case which stays smart, even elegant from some angles. The Modern Dream cases are made of polycarbonate hard shells. These are often finished matte, which helps resist those scuffs and scratches that these cases tend to suffer from. As with most ranges from American Tourister, these cases have some excellent feedback from buyers.

You can check out the colours and close-ups in the picture gallery on this dedicated product page.

American Tourister Modern Dream - Spinner Hand Luggage, 55 cm, 35 Litre, Blue (True Navy) (Luggage)

American Tourister Modern Dream – Spinner Hand Luggage, 55 cm, 35 Litre, Blue (True Navy) (Luggage)

Made from 100 Percent polycarbonate with a matte finishing touch; Two different shell finishes… read more

Detailed Review of the American Tourister Modern Dream Hard Shell Cases

Once you see the perfectly proportioned triangle, and classic vertical lines which are the key design components of the Modern Dream cases, plainer brands just won’t look the same. What I like about this design is the elegance is somewhat subtle. Everyone will know your case looks great, only they might not be able to put their finger on exactly why.

There are three sizes. This page covers the check-in versions (68.5cms and 77.5cms). There are also hand luggage versions, which are within the regulation 55cms requirements for EasyJet and the major airlines.

Before you plump for the black, there are a lot of colours to choose from in this range:

  • Universe Black
  • Copper Orange
  • Emerald Green
  • Meteor Dust
  • Rose Gold
  • Skydust
  • Stardust
  • True Navy
  • Wine Red
  • Blau (Light Blue)
  • Gold

Modern Dream Cases Spec

All the cases have double-spinner wheels on each corner. These have highlights of the same colour as the main body and small recesses under the body that they are attached to. These cases are 100% polycarbonate. This is not the flexible ‘superlight’ ABS of some cases; it is a little harder to the touch. What you will find is that it is both light and tough. All these types of cases are prone to scuffing, though the matte finish helps keep the Modern Dream cases from the worst of it.

There is a telescopic handle to pull / push along with the standard push button release. You will also find separate carrying handles on the top and side. All these cases come with a combination lock with TSA override.

Inside of Modern DreamInside These Colourful Hard Shell Spinner Cases

Unusually, the lining of these cases is part of the design. This is different depending on the colour / design you buy. You can see each as part of the gallery for each colour combination.

In addition to the regular one zipped / one open with elasticated straps inside setup, there is a smaller zipped pocket which spans the two sides. As with almost all hard-shell cases, there are no additional pockets on the outside.

Feedback: What Buyers of the Modern Dream Hard Shell Cases Said?

Positive feedback on the whole for these cases. In line with almost all American Tourister cases, buyers were pleased with their case – though nobody got too enthusiastic. There were a couple of issues with broken wheels. Keep in mind that this prompts most people to complain (and rightly so). American Tourister are not generally known for issues with this.

Positives included the quality of the build, and the ability to expand for extra luggage. One comment rightly pointed out that the cases are big enough that too much expansion is likely to put you over the weight limit for different airlines.

Overall, positive feedback so far. Don’t forget to check what the latest feedback on this range of cases is before you buy.

Wrapping Up: Is the Modern Dream Suitcase Range a Dream Come True?

Elegant hard sided luggage from a name brand that comes in at a lower price point than many rivals is a great starting point. You also have a lot of colours to check through (before all but a few of you will go ahead and choose black). The lines, triangles and matching lining for each case show what effort has gone into the design.

You can check out the colour options, gallery and latest discount (if any) over on this dedicated product page.

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