Ryanair Cabin Approved Carry On Luggage Set

Summary: Ryanair are the tightest around when it comes to making you pay for extra luggage, stray just a couple of centimetres over their limit and *boom* your bargain flight does not seem such good value any more. 5 Cities have designed these bargain basement priced cases with Ryanair carry on specifically in mind. There is a wheeled trolley, which is your main carry on case, and a small holdall, which fits into the ‘additional small bag’ guidelines. At the time of writing there is a discount which brings these into the super-cheap range. This is not Samsonite quality by any stretch of the imagination. If you want a cheap Ryanair or EasyJet compatible carry on solution delivered to your door, then this set is spot on.

You can check out the spec and details (+ see some other combinations of trolleys / holdalls) over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

Ryanair Hand Cabin Approved 35x20x20 & Second 55x40x20 Luggage Set - Carry Both!

Last update was in: May 3, 2021 7:53 am
£19.99 £40.40

Detailed Review of the 5 Cities Ryanair Approved Sizes Luggage Set

For a fraction of the price of most name-brand cases you get 2 separate items with this offer. The main case is 55x 40x 20cm. This is wheeled (2 wheels rather than a spinner) and has a retractable handle via a pole that can be hidden away.

There are two compartments. A main one which opens through a double zip taking most of the front off with it, and a smaller front pocket which is an ideal spot for your passport and other papers. This case comes with a small padlock, which essentially locks the 2 zips together for the main compartment. People noted that this is flimsy, though you get a replacement padlock for just a couple of pounds.

You will get a handle on the side of this carry-on bag. This is useful for lifting it on to the overhead bins. The overall weight is 1.45kg and the capacity is 42 litres.

Separate Holdall

This is a plain black holdall bag which was specifically created to meet the Ryanair requirement for a second smaller bag. It has a main compartment (14 litre capacity) and a side pocket too. You can use either the strap or the handle. Again you get a lightweight padlock with your bag.

Feedback for 5Cities Ryanair

What Buyers Said About this Ryanair Approved Hand Luggage Set

I was initially confused by the wide range of comments. Many people loved this set, calling is a complete bargain and giving it the full 5 stars. Others complained about the quality, giving it one star…

Now, the question I have with the quality, is that the *cough* did people expect? You’ll get 2 cases, one a trolley with an arm and wheels, for a silly low price including delivery… and expect some luxury soft leather?

Baffles me!

Some commenters has legitimate complaints that they only received one of the cases. Those are very much in the minority.

Just in case you were wondering, there are many comments which said that they were able to use these bags on Ryanair flights – and none saying that they were unable to use them. With more than 120 separate comments at the time of writing, that is more than enough evidence for me.

If there is one take away from the buyer comments, this should be that you’ll be getting a bargain, though don’t expect your cases to look anything like the top-end Samsonites!

Conclusion + Next Steps

We all know that Ryanair, EasyJet and the other low cost airlines can be fussy when it comes to hand luggage. I am happy to see that an innovative company has come up with a solution, in the form of a product specifically made to meet the guidelines.

This is not top-end, you can find better quality luggage out there.

If you are looking for a solid and great value solution which maximizes your hand luggage allowance when flying low-cost – then these cases are just the ticket. Check out this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page for yourself now!

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